Wednesday, May 14

Team Obama labels House panel investigating Benghazi "delusional" before it starts

Anyone who asks questions about Benghazi is crazy.

At least that’s what the White House and its allies are claiming as a congressional committee begins what could be a more serious investigation of the Benghazi attack.

The administration didn't cooperate with earlier attempts to investigate--including refusing to turn over incriminating emails and other documents while claiming to have fully cooperated.  Standard bullshit stuff.

You'd think if the Obama administration had nothing to hide it would fully cooperate.  Instead Team Obama is trying hard to discredit the investigation.  For example, last week senior White House adviser David Plouffe claimed that the investigation is the result of “a very loud, delusional minority” in the Republican party.

Former Democrat representative Jane Harman compared questions about Benghazi to conspiracy theories about Vince Foster and aliens.  Harman is an ideal mouthpiece for Obama propaganda because she's female and doesn't have to worry about re-election.

But the Obama administration’s strategy isn’t intended for the country at large so much as for the Washington press corps. The goal is to convince reporters that by investigating Benghazi they are doing the bidding of crackpots and Republicans.  Team Obama is betting that journalists will do anything to avoid the charge that they're giving favorable coverage to Republicans.

And they're probably right.


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