Wednesday, May 14

Obama administration released 36,000 illegals who'd been convicted of other crimes

If you're convicted of a serious crime--say, murder, hit-and-run, drunk driving or similar--but have somehow managed to avoid jail, the last thing you'd want to do is get picked up by the cops for some unrelated thing.  Cuz, they'd throw your ass in jail for the earlier thing, right?

Well sure, that would happen to you or me.  But not if you're an illegal alien:  In that case the criminal gang that staffs this ghastly administration has decided they'll simply let you go on your merry way with a "have a nice day!"  Maybe an ankle-bracelet to keep track of you when you cut it off and decide to do something *else* illegal.

Oh wait--you think I'm just making that up, or got it from Faux News.  Actually the figures are buried in the operations reports of the government agency "Immigration and Customs Enforcement."

In 2013 ICE released 36,007 convicted criminal aliens with nearly 88,000 convictions, including:
  • 193 convicted for homicide
  • 426 convicted for sexual assault
  • 303 convicted for kidnapping
  • 1,075 convicted for aggravated assault
  • 1,160 convicted for stealing a vehicle
  • 9,187 convicted for dangerous drugs
  • 16,070 convicted for drunk or drugged driving
  • 303 flight escape convictions
But hey, Barry and his merry band of media flacks keep telling you his team has been reeeeally tough on deportations.

Really.  Tough.


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