Monday, July 9

Questions I wish someone would ask Democrats

Here are some questions I'd love to see someone ask white liberals:

We'll start easy:  Besides your hatred for Trump and your resentment of your own race, what do you and non-whites agree on?

Do you believe America is a land of opportunity, or do you agree with the chancellor of California's University system that saying "America is a land of opportunity" is racist?

We seem to recall that back in the 1970s the left was totally in favor of total freedom of speech, including the freedom to burn the U.S. flag, and to wear shirts saying "F*ck the police."  Do you agree that the Left was all for free speech back in the 1970s?
   Do you agree that today the Left has, on dozens of occasions, forced universities to shut down speech it doesn't like?
   If you agree that this has happened, Do you see any hypocrisy there?

If a 13-year-old girl says having an obvious 40-year-old man in the next stall in the womens' bathroom makes her uneasy, will the Democrat party ignore her?

Do you agree with former president Obama that men should be allowed to use girls' bathrooms merely by self-identifying as female?

In Europe over the past four years, Germany, France and Sweden have taken in huge numbers of "immigrants" from Syria and North Africa.  Over this same perior the number of rapes, murders and sexual assaults by immigrants have skyrocketed.  Do you deny this?  Do you believe "it's a small price to pay to achieve some more important goal sought by Democrats, like "diversity"?

Other than being a good slogan for winning minority votes and keeping diversity consultants in six-figure salaries, exactly how do you think "diversity" benefits a country?

Have you ever taken a course in economics?  If so, where?  Do you feel you understood it?

According to classical economics, what happens to wages in a market when a significant number of people enter that market who are willing to work for lower wages?

Do you support Maxine Waters and [pelosi?] in their calls for Democrats to make the lives of those who work in the president's administration miserable, and to harass them whenever they go to a store or restaurant or gas station?
   Would you favor the same treatment for people who voted for Trump or openly support his policies?

Do you believe illegal aliens should be given regular American welfare, like Medicaid, food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers and free medical insurance?

Americans seem to be impressed by Democrats' ability to bring Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, gays, transgenders and feminists together under the same banner.  But cynics claim these groups have such fundamentally different bedrock beliefs that there's no way to make all of them happy with any policy, and that you're just using them to win elections.  How do you propose to resolve conflicts in the fundamental worldviews of Muslims, for example, with those of gays, transgenders and feminists?

Do you agree that the tax cut bill that triggered bonuses and tax cuts of about a year ago were "crumbs," as Nancy Pelosi put it?

Do you believe American citizens who aren't mentally ill or felons have the right to own guns?
   Do you believe cities have the right to tax ammunition at a punitive rate?

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