Monday, July 9

Now that the Democrats/liberals/socialists have rejected civility, are we required to be civil to them?

When the other side has rejected civility--when their leaders have actually said "Civility is a tool of white oppression"--you are released from the unspoken contract that asks everyone to be civil.

The Left manufactures fake crises, fake news (remember the howls of "ripping babies from their mothers' arms and throwing them in concentration camps"), which they feed them to the public via their control of the mainstream media.  Shortly afterwards, leftist thugs start sucker-punching conservatives on street corners.  Antifa thugs attack peaceful, officially permitted events.  

And of course to hear Dems tell it, all these events were, like, totally unexpected,

Dozens of leftists threaten to kill Republican officials and/or their wives and children, and the leading liberal/Democrat ragpapers don't condemn it. 

Totally.  Unexpected.  Could not possibly have been predicted, citizen.

Can you imagine the screams of outrage from the NYT and WaPo if, when Obama made or struck down laws with his pen and his phone, a few conservatives had threatened to kill Democrat congresspersons--let alone their wives and children??  Those two rags would have been howling about it for a solid month.  But now?  Crickets.
There is no reasoning with the Left, with socialists, or with Democrats as presently constituted.  Their idea of "compromise" is for you to surrender, period.  They are absolutely determined to have socialism, free college, government-run health care (their replacement for the ghastly Obozocare, called "single payer") open borders, abolishing the Electoral College, no public speech--on the air, on social media or live--that they don't like; a ban on private gun ownership, abolition of ICE, abolition of cash bail--and on and on. 

As an example of how utterly insane they've gotten, a Harvard professor (Ian Samuel?) went on Tucker Carlson's show and proposed overcoming the current 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court by "packing" the court the next time the Dems win the presidency--expanding it to, say, a dozen members, with the added three chosen by the Dems.

No one under 50 knows about it, but that exact idea was tried 80-some years ago by a Democrat president--Franklin Roosevelt.  It was rejected, by the court itself. 

There is no indication that Dems are willing to concede on these points, and there seems to be little ground for compromise with them.  In essence, they seem to want to destroy many of the fundamental qualities of life in the United States as we've known it.  

We’ve tried civility--indeed, conservatives have always been civil to the other side--and we know from bitter experience it doesn’t work. There is no pacifying the Left, no accommodating it, no buying it off with compromises here and there.  

The Democrats' idea of "compromise" was perfectly demonstrated by senator Chucky Schumer, who told PDT "You need to nominate Merrick Garland to the supreme court."  (For those who don't follow politics too closely--due to working and raising your kids-- Garland was Obozo's uber-liberal nominee.

Dems don't want to compromise because they think they're within a hair's breadth of winning total control for the rest of the century.  They're only 5 states short of passing a creature called the "National Popular Vote," which would effectively abolish the Electoral College system of electing presidents, and make it the winner of the popular vote.

Of course this gives the five biggest states effective control over who wins the presidency, and it's just a coincidence that those states are dominated by big shit-hole cities utterly run for decades by Democrats.  These are the cities where more votes were cast than registered voters.  Cool, eh?

If these unconstitutional moves aren't slapped down hard--so that the Dems don't dare try to resurrect them in our lifetimes for fear of losing every seat--the U.S. as we know it will cease to exist.

One of the big advantages the Dems have is that the mainstream media have convinced them that Trump is--literally--eeevil personified, and that only they can save the country from becoming a modern version of Nazi Germany.  From top to bottom they see themselves as the heroes of a great  morality play, fighting a divine fight to achieve their definition of justice.  

If they believed in God, they'd say He was on their side.

By contrast, most hard-working, law-abiding conservatives see them as uneducated vandals who, lacking understanding of the knowledge and wisdom of the Founders, are determined to destroy a system they don't understand.

The Left went to war against America in the summer of 1968 and hasn’t stopped fighting since.  They maumau'd congress into abandoning the South, which gave them their first victory.  They hated Nixon, and even though Nixon should have resigned (as he did), they tasted blood again, and were emboldened.

They hated Reagan, hated G. W. Bush, loved the perjuring rapist Bill Clinton, and now, boy do they hate Donald Trump. From the moment it dawned on them on election night that Trump was going to win,they lost their sanity, and have constantly sought first to overturn the results of the election, and failing that, to impeach the president of the United States, and failing that, to sabotage and cripple his administration.
In the face of these constant provocations--let alone physical attacks on Trump supporters--Democrat leaders and their media supporters want you to remain passive and scared.  They want you to believe that no good American would use their own tactics against them.  

They want you to believe that using their tactics against them would make you the bad guy in this morality play. That’s why their media allies frame every confrontation as “far-right” groups vs. “anti-fascist” protesters who have--perfectly understandably, of course--been pushed beyond the limits of their constantly-shouted tolerance and thus forced to use violence. 

You, on the other hand, are denounced as hateful, intolerant, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, trans-phobic and so on.  Thus as they see it--and are trying hard to make all your kids see it in school indoctrination--you deserve every bad thing that’s coming to you.

Tolerance for those who hate you doesn't seem either useful or smart.  In fact it seems suicidal. 


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