Sunday, May 27

UK man arrested and immediately jailed for reporting on a trial

Tommy Robinson is a conservative British activist and journalist. The British government has been trying to jail or silence him for years, because he exposes the complicity of the government in protecting Muslim "grooming gangs"--a deliberately, carefully sanitized term for Muslim men who plied young British teens with drugs and alcohol and exploited them sexually.

Over the last three years it has been well-documented that government authorities in England have tried to cover up the Muslim gang rape epidemic. The police in Rotherham ignored Pakistani gangs sexually abusing more than 1400 British children, as reported by Forbes four years ago, in order to not appear "racist."

When the perps were Muslim and the victimes British, any social worker or cop seeking to investigate the allegations would immediately have been accused of the dreaded bullshit "crime" of "Islamophobia."  Better to ignore the claims completely.

At this point the question is, when of the cops and social workers charged with protecting young girls ignored these crimes, were any of them acting on orders from Muslim-adoring government officials?

The British government has been doing everything possible to hide the widespread crimes from the public, by imposing draconian sanctions for reporting on these trials.  Robinson has been determined to find out how the abuse of over 1,400 teenage girls could have been ignored by the government for so long.

Twenty-eight members of one of those gangs are on trial now, in Leeds, charged with  offenses including rape, trafficking, sexual activity with a child, child neglect, child abduction and supplying drugs to children.  Robinson showed up with the crowd of reporters outside the courtroom and began "live-streaming" the proceedings.

He was promptly arrested, and after a 30-minute hearing was immediately taken to prison.

The reason is, unlike in America, the British government can (and does) order media not to report on certain trials.  Many believe the reason is to hide facts from the public that would embarrass the government.  The government hadn't banned media outlets from reporting on this trial, but only one guy--Robinson--was arrested for reporting on it.

So here's the twist:  The UK government promptly ordered all media outlets in the country not to publish anything about Robinson's arrest.  Several media outlets promptly took down stories they'd already filed.

This is the kind of bullshit done by communist governments.  What possible public purpose is served by ordering media NOT to report on this arrest?  None.  The government simply wants to hide the news of the arrest because it makes the government look like a dictatorship.

And if you think this isn't coming to the U.S. under the next Democrat president, you haven't been paying attention.  They will "manage" the news, and claim it's for the public good since the claimed purpose is to avoid stirring up "anti-government" sentiment.


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