Wednesday, June 6

U. Mass banned Iranian nationals from nuclear science classes, then reversed a day later--because...

University of Massachusetts (Amherst) is top rated in Nuclear Engineering.

"UMass Bans Iranian Nationals From [Grad. School Nuclear] Science Classes, Stirs Backlash" NBC NEWS, Feb 17 2015

Then the very next day...

"University of Massachusetts Reverses Ban on Iranian Science Students"NBC NEWS, Feb 18 2015

This overnight reversal was made on instructions from the Obama regime.

Oh wait...that's just totally un-possible, citizen!  Our glorious emperor obama would never order a top-rated nuclear engineering school to admit Iranian grad students, because that would...uh...

Yeah.  Well someone should tell the nameless NBC reporter, since the network's article said
The about-face came after university officials sought advice from lawyers and the State Department...

Un-possible.  You bet.

Three years later Mossad uncovered the reason, as Netanyahu announced the trove of documents grabbed in Tehran.  These revealed a continuing Iranian nuclear weapons development program.


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