Monday, June 4

Are we on a path to a second civil war?

From a comment on another blog:
It's been settled law in the United States since 1789 that federal law preempts state law.  But today Democrat-ruled polities openly defy Federal law and the Constitution in areas they control.

If these state and city governments are not brought back under the Constitution and Federal law, then the de facto operation of rebellious areas within the nation will soon become de jure.

The president has attempted to persuade these entities to comply with federal law by cutting certain grants to them, but liberal federal judges have blocked this.  Assuming these decisions are supported by the Supreme Court, it seems the only way left to reassert the supremacy of the Constitution is armed force.

Thus it would appear that our nation is facing the same kind of rebellion that triggered our civil war, that we're in about the same position as in November 1860 to March 1861.


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