Monday, June 4

Democrats: Firing Barr was good. What Bee did was just...comedy and free speech

Hypocrisy of Democrats in three paragraphs:

Not realizing top Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett had one parent who was black, Barr tweeted "Planet of the Apes and muslim brotherhood had a baby--vj"  Because Jarrett is half black, liberals immediately interpreted this as racist. She apologized but her popular show was canceled within hours.

Bee, reading from a vetted, approved script on a taped show, called Ivanka Trump a "feckless c*nt."  Bee's producer bragged when the remark trended on Twitter. She was given an award. She issued a half-hearted apology.  Democrats immediately rushed to explain that calling a woman a c*nt wasn’t really so bad.  They wailed about "censorship" and the crucial importance of free speech, and the importance of comedy.

They explained that what Barr tweeted was very, very different from Bee's televised insult, and that Bee had done nothing particularly egregious.  And as of this time Bee’s show is still on the air.


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