Tuesday, June 5

Eventually Islam must show its true colors to Leftists

The Left totally supports same-sex marriage.  All major European countries made it legal years ago.  "Yay!  Yet another win for the enlightened, sophisticated Left!"

The Left also loves Islam.  Hates all other religions, but loves Islam.  Doesn't make sense, but logical contradictions never trouble the Left.

But...but...but...many Muslim groups kill homosexuals.  And not just the lunatics of ISIS (who throw 'em off roofs)--Iran's mullahs have hanged 'em from cranes in the middle of Teheran.

So: You will know Muslims have taken control of a formerly non-Muzz nation when that nation bans gay marriage.  It's inevitable.  And it'll be a hoot to watch how the Left tries to get everyone to ignore that, since it will show everyone that they've been "useful idiots" for Islam, just as conservatives have claimed for years.

At this moment there are enough Muslims in both Belgium and the Netherlands to be the "swing vote" that decides which of the traditional political parties wins elections (thus will rule).  Those parties court the Muslim vote by promising prizes or concessions to them.  So just as here in the U.S, where politicians vie to promise the most "freebies" to minorities, it becomes a "race to the bottom," with the leaders of each party trying to out-bid the others for the deciding Muslim bloc vote.

This is inevitable.  Unavoidable.  Takes as much skill to predict as betting the sun will rise tomorrow.  And in fact it's happening right before our eyes.  And there's no way to stop it by voting--because every political party wants to win.  And in Belgium and the Netherlands--soon in all of Europe--the only way to win elections is by courting the Muslim bloc vote.

Muslims in Europe have openly declared their intent to conquer.  Of course the Leftist media totally ignores this, or tries to discredit it:  "Tinfoil-hat stuff!  If you believe this you're a raaacist!"   But no matter how well the media cover it up, eventually Islam must assert its true beliefs, and crack down on gays and westernized women.  It's unavoidable.


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