Wednesday, June 6

Here's an idea for a new strategy for the U.S.

From 1946 or so to the dissolution of the Soviet Union (December 26th, 1991) the U.S. and the Soviets were enemies.  And from 1991 to today we've been less-intense opponents of Russia.

As a former AF pilot I follow Russian aviation and their probing tactics carefully.  I'm well aware that they've been making more flights near U.S. airspace.  I'm also aware that some intel sources reported that the dissolution of the Soviet Union itself may have been an elaborate fake, designed to persuade U.S. politicians that we could cut defense spending radically.

But times have changed, and I suggest it may be time for us to re-think our long opposition to Russia.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in xxxx, Russia itself has a population of xx million, and a GDP smaller than that of Texas.  While no one argues that the Putin regime defends human rights, by all accounts things are vastly better in Russia today than they were in the union Russia controlled before 1991.  Moreover, the Soviets had troops in many third-world nations, arming or funding numerous wars designed to install communist regimes.  Today this seems to have largely disappeared. 

Instead, by all accounts Russia is now trying to cope with the same Muslim attacks we've seen here.  Moreover, while the U.S. is protected to some extent by oceans, the Russians have an armed Muslim state--Chechnya--right on their border.

It may seem shocking but I think we should scrap NATO and start a quiet alliance with Russia and the few eastern European nations like Poland that are fighting demands from the EU to accept more Muslim immigrants.

This should be done patiently and with no fanfare, as if it was not significant.  In particular, the new alliance should avoid any mention of China.


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