Monday, June 4

Danish psychologist working with Muslim inmates read Islam correctly--a decade ago

Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist.  He spent three years working with young Muslim criminals at a juvenile facility in Copenhagen.  Ten years ago Sennels wrote a book about this experience ("Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims").  Highlights:

In cities across Europe, citizens are being harassed, robbed, raped, stabbed and even killed by Muslim immigrants.  A reasonable question is, is there a trend to this violence?

Those familiar with Islamic history know that the Koran explicitly approves Muslims looting the property of non-Muslims.

Thus devout Muslims can commit crimes against non-Muslims while feeling  morally superior to the victims.  A Muslim who robs, rapes or kills non-Muslims isn't considered a thief, rapist or murderer by other Muslims, but is considered a brave Jihadist doing what both Mohammed and Allah command: showing the supremacy of Muslims over "infidels."

In France, even back in 2008 60 to 70 percent of all inmates were Muslim.  (The exact number isn't known because the French government refuses to publish it.)  Liberals claim this figure simply shows a biased judicial system.
Similarly, in Denmark most of the inmates were young Muslim men. This is a common pattern today from Scandinavia to Spain.

Sennels found that Muslim inmates routinely blamed their victims for their problems.  In their native countries the only way to get respect was by making  others fear you.  In western nations violence is usually condemned, but in many Muslim nations aggressive behavior is a sign of superiority.

If a Muslim is upset, it is always someone else's fault--which means the Muslim bears no responsibility for anything.  He sees himself as a victim who has been oppressed, persecuted or simply belittled.  This sense of always being a victim leads to a sense of entitlement to retribution and revenge.

Even if they aren't "observant" about Islam, Muslim youths think and react in similar ways when it comes to the cultural view of honor and shame, revenge and limitless loyalty to the group.  Thus even Muslims who sold drugs, drank alcohol and didn't observe Ramadan said they were greatly offended by the drawings of Muhammad published by a Danish newspaper. 

Sennels notes that among Muslim inmates, being religious gave one a higher status.

The Muslim criminals Sennels worked with believed their problems were never caused by their own actions but by "external factors."  They invariably saw themselves as victims of outside forces:  Biased the police, racism from Europeans, harassment by Christians and Jews.  This belief became their moral justification for violence against non-Muslims. 

Believing they were victims, they believed they had the right, perhaps even the duty, to respond with violence.

Sennels comments that in Muslim societies, violence generate respect, while failing to respond to aggression with violence is viewed as weakness and generates contempt.  Western liberals simply don't understand this mentality, believing that the solution to Muslim violence is more “dialogue” and kindness, while in reality these behaviors cause Muslims to despise them even more for being weak. They respect only force.

In Muslim culture, not responding aggressively when provoked is the fastest way to lose face.  "Being victimized" becomes a blank check that can be used as an excuse for any kind of revenge.  As young Muslim jailed for stabbing a man several times explained it: "It was his own fault. He shouldn’t have made me mad."

Sennels wrote his book a full ten years ago--before the small stream of young men politicians and the lying press misleadingly, cunningly called "refugees" became a huge flood.  He seems to have read the future entirely correctly, but of course no one wanted to hear what he had to say.  It's yet another example of pols and elites and media willfully ignoring anything that cuts against their own insane, ultimately destructive positions.

And even today we see the president of the EU not merely suggesting the nations of Europe import more killers, but demanding that they do so, and threatening huge fines on any that don't.

Can you say "total insanity"?  Sure you can.  But now for the kicker: 

The Democrat party has exactly the same position on wanting unlimited immigration here in the U.S.  This insanity has so gripped them that Nancy Pelosi was moved to defend members of the brutal, murderous MS-13 gang--whose own motto is "Rape, kill, control."  If that isn't insanity, there ain't no such thing.  And yet the Lying Media support this position 100 percent.


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