Monday, June 4

HOW many cars did you say were torched in tranquil Sweden last year??

In the densely-populated cities of Europe, most residents live in apartments--in which case they usually have to park on the street.  Which means one's car is an easy, undefended target.

To the surprise of liberals everywhere, certain "youths of undetermined ethnic origin" (that's what the papers call 'em) have figured this out.  But burglarizing undefended cars didn't net much, since residents of big cities long ago learned not to leave anything in their cars.  So instead of burglarizing the cars, the YOUEOs...set 'em on fire.

Really.  Fortunately the EU media tell people this is rare, so...

Hahahahahaha!  Just kidding.  Last New Year's eve in the greater Paris area almost a thousand cars were torched--a number the politicians bragged was "better than the previous year!"  Yay!

But of course that's Paris, which is sort of like Compton, California.  Sophisticated people--which liberals never tire of telling us they are--know to expect that sort of behavior.  Fortunately smaller nations with fewer YOUEOs don't have this problem.

Hahahahahahaha!  Over the last five years a country as tranquil and law-abiding as Sweden has seen 6,000 cars burned up.

Oh wait, my bad:  That shouldn't have been "6,000 cars in five years," but 6,000 cars burned up in just eight months, between January and September of last year.

If you're curious, that works out to between 22 and 25 cars torched every day, depending on whether "between" includes the month of September.

But don't worry, citizen.  Comrade Merkel and president of the European parliament (Jean-Claude Juncker) and the prime minister of the U.K. and the president of France assure you that this has nothing whatsoever to do with immigrants.  And by the way, if you post something critical of unlimited immigration in any of those countries you'll be fined or jailed.  Seriously.


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