Monday, June 4

CBS releases poll showing Dems regaining control of the House in November

CBS has published the results of a poll showing Democrats winning control of the House in November, 219 seats to 216.  If that happens, of course, impeachment would be much more likely.

Dems currently hold 195 seats, so getting to the result CBS touts would be a huge win for Dems.  Also, CBS admits the margin of error is +/- 9 seats, so they've got lots of wiggle room.

Of course CBS--like all the mainstream media except Fox--strongly supports Democrats and hates Trump with a passion, so I wondered the poll questions might just possibly have been intentionally skewed to show Dems winning control of the House.  I know, that's insane paranoia, tinfoil-hat stuff.  Our beloved mainstream media would never do something like that, right?

Why would they do that?  Simple:  With ALL economic indicators way up, they've got to find a way to counter that, in order to convince Democrats to vote who might not have planned to vote.  You do that by telling them Dems have a great chance to take control.

Another issue the Dems (i.e. CBS and the other media) have to counter is the idea that illegal immigrants are a) saying FU to Americans; b) commit a hugely disproportionate share of violent crimes against citizens; c) are actively being prevented from being deported by unelected liberal federal judges; d) are a key link in drug trafficking.  And sure enough, the poll question was "Are

 Here's a reasonable question from the poll:
"What do you mostly like or mostly dislike about Donald Trump?"
But check the choices the pollsters gave respondents!
  How he handles himself personally
  How he’s upsetting the elites and establishment
  How he handles the FBI and criminal justice officials
  His policies overall
Dead last was
  His economic policies

And even on that last one, with the economy booming, record low unemployment and record high GDP growth, CBS reports more people answered "mostly dislike" over "mostly like" by 47 to 43%.

Note that the poll didn't even offer choices like "More-assertive about foreign policy," or "Tougher on illegal immigration," or "Favors stronger law enforcement," or "Has cut lots of absurd regulations."

Still, the fact that more respondents said "mostly dislike" on "His economic policies" shows the Lying Media is doing a great job of hiding good economic news.

The 3rd question asked was
"Do you feel Donald Trump respects and understands people like you?
Amazingly, CBS reports that people said NO--and by a huge margin of 16 percent (58-42).  This is fascinating, since Trump's campaign rallies were always filled, with people standing in line for hours to get a seat.  Yet apparently these people either didn't exist or have vanished (due to the horrible economy, no doubt) or weren't part of the poll.

Looking at the CBS poll one wonders how the hell Trump could possibly have defeated the woman emperor Obama called "the most qualified person ever to run for president."  (He actually meant "except for me, of course.)

Question #8:  "How have the recent changes to health care laws made by the Republican Congress
impacted your own health care coverage and costs?"

According to CBS, "hurt" beat "helped" by 25 to 10.  But what changes do respondents believe "the Republican congress" made?  The only one I know of was scrapping the "individual mandate."  (If you're a student you may not know that this "mandate" was a fine Obamacare forced citizens to pay if they declined to buy the health insurance Obamacare forced everyone to buy.  You should also know that Obama himself said this was NOT a tax.  But in that case there was no Constitutional authority to impose such a penalty!  So the Supreme Court ruled that it WAS a tax, allowing Obamacare to avoid being rejected on unconstitutional grounds.)

So why the 25-10 result reported by CBS?  Ah, because Obamacare premiums have increased by an average of 25 percent per year.  The media are careful to attibute that NOT to a dumb-ass law but to greedy insurance companies.  All people know is, their Obamacare premiums are always rising by double-digits.  Gotta be someone's fault, right?  And the media never tell 'em that the problem is that Jon Gruber and the other architects of the law lied outrageously when they wrote the thing.

Anyway, if you wanna see how loaded the questions were, you have to dig a bit.  Click here, then go down about 3 pages to "Poll toplines", then click the square in the upper right corner.


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