Monday, May 14

A vignette from a small Swedish town shows how EU pols favor Islam

One universal observation about  European politicians--at every level--is that they give Islamists permission to do things they refuse to let Christians do.

Example:  In the Swedish town of Växjö the local Catholic church asked the town rulers for permission to ring a single small bell on Sunday.  The rulers refused, claiming the noise would disturb local residents.

A few months later the priest again asked for permission.  Again the town rulers refused, on the same grounds.

A couple of months later the local mosque, less than a mile from the Catholic church, demanded the right to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day.

The town rulers fell all over themselves agreeing.  And now a spokesman for the town's Muslim Foundation says they demand the right to broadcast the Muslim call in more towns, saying
We want to call out at more places. There are many Muslims who are Swedish citizens, who have the same rights as everyone else.
The same rights?  As the case of the Catholic church cited above shows, that's crap.

European politicians love Islam, but for some reason believe Christianity must be repressed.  It's insane.


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