Sunday, May 13

Organized liars, and their party

Seems to me that for over two years now the FBI, DOJ and their media supporters have been telling Americans non-stop that Trump colluded with Russia.  The exact mechanism hasn't been explained, but that's not actually needed, because Dem voters will believe the charge regardless of whether there's anything to it.

Another charge made by the FBI, DOJ and mainstream media was that Trump engaged in some sort of salacious behavior with Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.  This was endlessly talked up, even though it seems to have been a total fabrication by Hilliary-supporting former journalist, paid for by Hilliary supporters in the FBI and DOJ, and brought to Comey by none other than John McCain (who recently admitted being the conduit).

So who should we believe?

In trying to decide, one is moved to ask, Would a good guy create a public lie?  Or is it more likely that people who lie casually and often are untrustworthy?

Democrat senate majority leader Harry Reid, speaking in the senate--where senators can't be charged with slander or libel for anything they say--said he'd heard "from a source" that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes in the last few years.  As you would expect, the Lying Mainstream Media broadcast that on every network, and it almost certainly cost Romney many votes.

After the election a reporter got around to asking Reid for the source of his claim.  Reid hemmed and hawed and finally laughed cunningly and said he didn't have one.  The reporter was incredulous:  "You can't just make something like that up!"  To which Reid replied, "It worked, didn't it?"

Obama and Hilliary blaming the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi on a "spontaneous demonstration" spurred by an internet video no one had seen--knowing that this was untrue.

Obama repeatedly lying to the cameras to fan support for passing Obamacare, telling Americans "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor," knowing this was a flat-out lie.

Teen monster David Hogg, demonizing Rubio and NRA for a shooting by a crazed teenager who had actually committed enough offenses that if the system had done what it was supposed to, the guy would have been in jail instead of shooting 17 unarmed highschool students.

It seems clear that one side lies--routinely, casually, knowing they'll never be held to account by their media allies.  To me, if your cause is good and just, you don't need to lie.  Conversely, a side that routinely lies is almost certainly not doing good.

When the entire Lying Media is devoted to supporting an organized pack of liars, how can such an enterprise be defeated?  What does it take to take down such a carefully-orchestrated deception?

I don't see how it can happen short of a second civil war.


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