Monday, May 14

President of European Union claims founder of communism didn't envision use of terror by communists

For decades, socialist politicians have been lying about the history of communism, and its intellectual source, Karl Marx (for younger students, he's the guy who wrote the manual describing communism). The lying is in rewriting history--a.k.a. "revisionist history"--in which pols claim communist governments and communist revolutionaries have NOT killed millions of people.

To the revisionist pols the problem is NOT communism itself, but instead that any, um...let's call 'em excesses... committed by followers of the insane but seductive philosophy were never called for or anticipated by Marx himself. 

Recently the president of the European Union--a socialist named Jean-Claude Juncker--gave a speech that perfectly illustrates this endless effort by supporters of Marx to re-write history.  Speaking in Trier, Germany, Juncker said
Karl Marx was a philosopher who thought into the future, had creative aspirations, and today he stands for things which he is not responsible for and which he didn’t cause, because many of the things he wrote down were redrafted into the opposite.

In his carefully-worded phrase "things which he is not responsible for" Juncker apparently means the hundreds of millions of people murdered by communist movements.  So Juncker says Marx never called for such...excesses.   because contra to Juncker's claim, Marx explicitly called for violent revolution.  In 1848 Marx wrote
There is only one way… the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.
Apparently Juncker thinks everyone on earth is as dumb as the people who love socialism, and can't access Marx's original writings.  Of course supporters of socialism would never bother doing that, but anyone who wants to can read for himself--at least until governments take the source docs off the Net, on the grounds that they're "hate speech" against peace-loving communists.


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