Monday, May 14

Socialist city council member in Seattle proposes an innovative new tax

When communists get elected to left-leaning government--at any level--laws or "city ordinances" will soon be passed that turn lots of things to shit.

In this case the communist is Kshama Sawant, a member of Seattle's city council. 

Most cities have a staggering array of ways they raise revenue--to fund palatial city-council offices and pay ridiculous salaries, among other things.  There are endless licenses, fees, inspections, fees, union requirements, get the picture.  But for Sawant and her communist buddies that's never enough.  So...

Given the hard-Left attitude of so many Seattle voters, Sawant has introduced a proposed new tax, to be assessed on any city business with more than $20 million annual revenue.  And the tax they want is a modest $500 per year.

Per employee.  Per year.

So a business with, say, 4,000 employees would be forced to pay the Leftist rulers (make no mistake, that's what they are) a cool $2 million bucks every year.

Of course no company in Seattle has anywhere near 4,000 employees (Boeing isn't in Seattle city limits), so not really an issue, right?

Oh wait...corporate giant Amazon is building a huge office tower there, planning to employ something like 7,000 people.  So if Sawant gets her way, the new tax would force Amazon to pay the city a cool $3.5 million per year.

So on learning of the proposed new tax per employee per year, Amazon execs took the reasonable, prudent step of stopping construction.

So how did communist councilshit Sawant respond?  She did what all socialists and communists and totalitarians do before they seized total control of the government: she called Amazon and Jeff Bezos "bullies."
Amazon and Jeff Bezos are using their incomprehensible amount of wealth to hold an entire city hostage, to hold construction jobs hostage, saying they can’t pay a pocket change worth of taxes — that’s the behavior of a bully.  --Kshama Sawant
Bet you're not a bit surprised.  The odious Sawant is also working with a union front group called Working Washington to try to criminally prosecute Amazon for stopping construction until they find out whether the council will adopt the huge tax.

Of course you think I'm kidding.  Nope.  The charge the commie bitch is trying to use is “intimidating a public servant.”  Cuz apparently in her worldview, a company stopping its own project is "intimidating a public servant."

As ghastly as this is, there's an amusing aspect to it:  Amazon owner Jeff Bezos--who also owns the WaPo--is as Left as they come.  But his left-wing views and support of leftist causes were worth exactly jack to communist Sawant when she saw the chance to grab a few mill from his company.

Karma, baby.

Of course anyone over 40 or so knows how this will play out:  Amazon will decide they need to hire a "diversity consultant" for the project, and will offer that post to Sawant at, say, $400,000 per year, or roughly five times her current salary on the city council.  And the push for the tax will either vanish altogether, or a provision will be inserted that businesses that had already started projeccts in Seattle before a certain date would be exempt from the tax.

Transparency, baby.  Just like comrade Obama claiming that his administration would be "the MOST TRANSPARENT administration in history!"

Anyone recall whether that actually turned out the way he promised?

By the way:  When Barbara Bush died the organizers of the "women's marc" tweeted "Rest in peace." This outraged Sawant, who fired back "This tweet shows how, without a political compass, even well-meaning progressives can end up giving cover to ruling class & ultimately undermining struggles against oppression. 

Cuz for communists, it's all about the endless struggle against oppression, by the ruling class.

No wonder she opposes Jeff Bezos.


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