Monday, May 14

When people tell you they want to kill you, what's the best course of action?

When people tell you they want to kill you, and replace your laws with their crazy ones, what's the best option?
   a) Assume they're just kidding?  or
   b) Assume they mean what they say?

"Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer" eh?  Oh, you bet.

For those who have decided Islamic terrorism doesn't pose a threat, no number of terror attacks, no number of murders or rapes, is going to convince them there's a problem.

None so blind as those who will not see.

The people of Europe--and indeed, of all western nations--are now split into two camps:  those who either don't believe they'll be forced to submit, or aren't troubled by the prospect; and those who still see a free European future.

You now either go get your wife’s hijabs and a couple of copies of the Koran for your kids, or you move to a country where sanity still prevails.

Is it ‘hate speech’ to say this?  Absolutely--but in a way you don't think: 
   I hate what the politicians have done to the unfortunate citizens of Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium. 
   I hate what the invaders have done to thousands of defenseless, unarmed, vulnerable girls and women. 
   I hate it when judges give Muslims special "protected status" that amounts to giving them special rights.
   Finally, I hate that politicians have imposed fines and jail sentences for citizens who post something on social media critical of Islam.
   Not here in the U.S....yet.  But if you don't think Democrats want to bring that here, you're naive.


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