Friday, April 6

Global warming hits Antarctica. Wait...maybe not

Many "global warming catastrophe!" types believe temperatures in Antarctica are a very reliable predictor of what's happening to the overall climate of the Earth.

At least they did when they thought the data showed Antarctica was getting warmer.  And it IS getting warmer, right?  I mean, it HAS to be, right?  Cuz, you know, da eeebil oil kompanies und ze koal kompanies are destroying our lovely planet with their awful, awful CO2!  Right?

Um...maybe we'll have to re-think whether Antarctica is a good indicator after all--cuz new data show the place may not be  may not be warming at all.  In fact the data suggesting that a century ago the place was much warmer than it is now.

Wait, wasn't the CO2 level far lower a century ago?  Why yes, it was.

But if CO2 directly drives global temperature, how could lower CO2 a century ago have produced warmer temperatures?  Something here.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency reports their measurements show a slight cooling even though atmospheric CO2 levels rose sharply from 1985 until 2017, according to Japanese climate blogger Kirye.  And there are other examples.

The Australian research outpost, Davis Station, reports no warming in six decades.  In a study of 13 stations from all over the continent, 10 of the stations show no trend of temperature increase and some show a slight decreasing temperature trend. Three of the stations, all of them located on the Antarctic Peninsula, show a slight warming trend. Besides the raw data listed above, two recent scientific studies confirm these observations.

So, the Antarctic temperature variations appear to be natural. That’s all well and good, but what about the ice shelves falling into the ocean that the media scream about?  Didn’t a chunk of ice the size of Delaware or maybe Florida or Texas or France or the moon break off last year?  Seems to me the Lying Media were warning us this was gonna raise sea level enough to destroy most of Florida.

In July of last year, amateur climatologist Al Gore breathlessly tweeted that “The Larsen C ice shelf has broken away from Antarctica, a jarring reminder of why we must solve the climate crisis.”

But in fact the ice on the majority of Larsen C has been thickening. Also, the break-off of Larsen C will not do anything at all to sea level since the portion of ice that broke off was already afloat, and floating ice doesn't make any more water than the part already underwater.  Really.  So maybe Miami Beach is safe for now.

But you really need to stop driving and flying.  Cuz Al Gore said so.  But don't expect him to sell his private, ocean-crossing Gulfstream jet.  Cuz he's more important than you are.  Really.


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