Monday, March 26

Black students demand a statue of Thomas Jefferson be removed

When blacks demanded that dozens of statues of statues of famous historic figures in many cities be removed, pandering Democrat politicians scrambled to obey.

Many adults warned that it was the height of stupidity to agree to these demands, predicting that doing so would just trigger an endless series of escalating demands.

Dem pols refused to listen.  Guess who was right?

Now: Most rational Americans consider Thomas Jefferson a strong voice for freedom, and one of the most inspirational of the Founders of the U.S.  Blacks--eager to fan anger over events two centuries ago-- disagree.

And predictably, the next step:  blacks at Hofstra University have demanded that a statue of Thomas Jefferson be removed from that campus.

Black activist JaLoni Amor released a petition calling for the statue’s removal on March 17, claiming Jefferson has been embraced by “white supremacist and neo-nazi organizations.”  A protest is slated for March 30th to push for removing the statue. 

Significantly, among the organizations listed on the event’s flyer are "Democrats of Hofstra," "Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition," "The Gender Identity Federation" and "Young Democratic Socialists of Hofstra."

It would be very informative if some reporter could find the courage to ask DNC chair Tom Perez and vice-chair Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Hilliary Clinton if they agree that the statue of Thomas Jefferson should be removed.  And if so, whether they believe other statues of Jefferson should also be scrapped.

This demand was as predictable as the sunrise.  And indeed, was predicted.  Democrats and related social justice warriors think this is great.  Hmmmm.....

Similar "activists" have called for George Washington to be removed from the dollar bill.

Here's another prediction:  No reporter will ever ask top Democrats the pointed question: "Do you agree with this?"


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