Monday, March 26

"If only we had tougher laws against [fill in the blank]"

In the increasingly left-ruled Colorado a drunk driver on the interstate drifted onto the shoulder and hit and killed a man.  The driver had already been convicted of two prior drunk-driving charges.

The original judge sentenced the drunk driver (killer) to six years, but for some unknown reason allowed the drunk driver to remain free while he appealed the sentence.

Remember, this was the guy's third DUI.  He only got six years, instead of life.  And yet he appealed the supposedly-too-harsh sentence.  Wow.

And...some idiot judge reduced his sentence to....180 days.

After killing a man while driving drunk.  And after two prior DUI convictions.

Now for the quiz:  Do ya think the judge who reduced the already-ridiculously-lenient sentence...
   a) a conservative?
   b) a liberal?
   c) bribed?
   d) related to the driver?
   e) being blackmailed by the driver?

Beats me.  But it's pretty obvious that anyone who's serious about reducing drunk driving wouldn't go along with a slap-on-the-wrist sentence for a manslaughter conviction while drunk, after two priors.

Liberal: "If only we had strict laws against drunk driving, this kind of thing wouldn't happen!"


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