Friday, April 6

Do ya feel like the world has gone nuts? Well...

If you follow currents events (as opposed to the lies and drivel broadcast by the moronic Mainstream Media) you probably feel like the world is out of sorts. Insanity and class warfare seem to be the norm today. Politicians seem to be either corrupt, or at the least, unwilling to do what clearly needs to be done to avoid otherwise-certain disaster.

Conventional wisdom is that no one can predict the future.  Certainly it's true that we can't predict whether Sally Jones will be rear-ended on Elm street tomorrow, but major trends are quite clear, and their results easy to forecast.  The problem is that people refuse to accept signs that point to results they don't want.

The president of Western Union once famously said "The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication."

Paul Krugman--a moron who has found his level of competence writing for the NY Times--opined in 1998 that "by 2005 or so it will have become clear that the Internet's impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine's.

As the first personal computers were starting to appear, a former president of IBM  said "Why on earth would anyone want color in a computer display?" trend can be discerned by someone unwilling to see it.

Fast-forward to the present:  Right now we're living through a quiet war for the future of our country.  The Left, including most Democrats, have gone from merely ignoring violations of the Constitution and the law, and now are openly claiming the right to violate Federal law in any area they control. 

This is the issue regarding self-declared "sanctuary states" like California.  For almost two centuries the courts have consistently held that federal law overrides state laws.  During Obama's reign federal courts ruled quite firmly that states had to defer to federal immigration law--even going so far as to rule that Arizona was barred from helping the feds enforce federal immigration laws.  But last year, when the governor of California signed a law declaring CA a "sanctuary state" and barring state employees from cooperating with federal agencies in apprehending illegals, the courts didn't lift a finger to slap this down.

Fascinating:  When Obama reigned, federal judges held that no state could violate federal law.  But now that a Republican is president, it's fine for a Dem-ruled state to violate federal immigration law.

This sort of schizophrenic behavior leads to disaster, for any number of reasons--not least of which is the fact that young people deduce that all laws can be ignored as the individual sees fit.

This is the sort of thing that leads to civil war.

H/T Richard Fernandez at Belmont


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