Monday, April 2

Democrat logic collides with reality: Murders in gun-free London match NYC

Leftists and Democrats constantly wail that we need to ban gun ownership by civilians...cuz, as they put it, "guns kill people."

Okay, Sparky.  So I guess since the U.K banned civilians from owning handguns back in 1997, London has to have far fewer murders than, say, New York, right?  In Feb and March of this year the number of murders in London was virtually the same as for NYC (which has the same population).

"WAIT!" say lefties, "That's unpossible!  Cuz, GUNS kill people!  So OBVIOUSLY, if we just banned guns we wouldn't have nearly as many murders!  It's so obvious." dowsn't seem to have helped in London.  And why?  Because the killers just switched to using knives.

But by all means, lefties and Democrats, keep lecturing us on how guns are the problem, and banning 'em is the solution.  Cuz we all know high school students are the go-to source of all wisdom when it comes to analyzing all problems, eh?

Wait, you say you don't let your teenage kid tell you how you should run the household?  You don't let 'em lecture you on budgeting, or the fine points of the legal system?  Why, I'm...shocked.  Not.


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