Saturday, April 28

Example 304,945,345 of Fakebook's obscene bias in favor of Leftist hate speech

If you rely on Fakebook for ANYTHING, you need to know that that outfit is totally Left-supporting.  It bans "members" who post things its socialist, anti-American employees and execs don't like, has been caught removing popular posts by conservatives from Fakebooks' "trending now" status (which means millions fewer people see those posts), and flat-out deletes conservative posts it claims violates its standards (i.e. Fakebook doesn't like the content).

Think that's hyperbole?  Conspiracy-theory stuff?  Well imagine a post saying "We need to kill Hillary, hang her, hunt her down."  Think that would violate "danger to the community" and "incitement to violence" standards?

Of course.  Such a post wouldn't last two minutes before Fakebook deleted it for violating its very, very malleable "standards."  And the poster would likely have their Fakebook account deleted.

BY HUGE CONTRAST, when someone made a Fakebook post saying "Kill Trump, hang Trump, hunt him down," Fakebook refused to remove it--even after the page was reported as "displaying hate speech."

Seriously.  Comedian Owen Benjamin reported the page, and posted a screenshot of Fakebook's response, below.  Note that other than saying the reported post "doesn't go against one of our specific Community Standards," the rest of Fakebook's response was about how anyone offended by it could arrange not to see such posts.

Interesting:  If that's Fakebook's solution, you'd think that would similarly be a "solution" to conservative posts people find offensive.  But of course it's not--Fakebook BANS posts by conservatives which are far, far less hateful and inciting to violence than the one below.

Eh, the image above may just be a careful hoax, right?  Yeh, dat's da ticket.  Couldn't be that Fakebook is biased.  Just un-possible, right?


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