Friday, April 20

The communists at Associated Press do it again

Wanna know how corrupt, unhinged, detached from reality are the monsters running this nation's Lying Mainstream Media?

Actually you probably don't.  But because you need to if you want our nation to eventually survive, I'll tell you anyway.

Cuba is a communist "paradise."  They've never had a free election--something outfits like the "Associated Press" should know (and probably do).

So...yesterday the AP tweeted that Cuba had "elected" a new president.  Except there was no election.  Instead the ruling communist party *selected* the only candidate.

"Selection" by a ruling junta ain't "elected."  So why would the AP use the phrase they did? 

Because they want you to believe communist nations are just like us.

That way when some pencil-dick from Berkeley or Hahvahd or the Democrat National Committee says something like "We really need to be more like the advanced socialist nations, like Cuba and the EU," Americans will react positively.  After all, Cuba elects its president too, right?


H/T Conservative Review.


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