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Anti-Christian writer calls new NYC Chick-fil-A a "creepy Infiltration" of the city

"New Yorker magazine" is eagerly read by (unsurprisingly) trendy New Yorkers.  They're so, so hip.  Cool.  Trendy.  Elite.

Just ask 'em.

So naturally they think Christianity and "the suburbs" and the South, and "flyover country" are all absolutely...well, as their wonderful leader put it, "deplorable."  (That would be "Great Leader," Hilliary, who followed "Dear Leader," the emperor.)

And like all hip leftist Democrats they just loves 'em that "die-versity."  Cuz being a religious bigot is so un-cool, right?

But there's still one group that these enlightened folks--so hip, so cool--are encouraged to denigrate, to malign: Christians.

In fact, when the popular Chik-Fil-A chain (which is Christian-owned) recently opened a new location in Manhattan, a writer for the New Yorker wrote a piece that was so oozing with contempt that many non-NYC readers thought it might be parody.

The piece was titled

Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City

 The author--one Dan Piepenbring--set the tone like this:
[T]he brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays.
Wait...isn't this a report about a restaurant in, um...New York City?  So how is that affected by the decor of the Atlanta headquarters?

Not at all.  The author included it because he felt that supported his lead theme of "creepy infiltration of New York City."

But the real offense, to confused anti-Christians like the author, is that in an interview four years ago the company's CEO was asked whether he supported same-sex marriage.  In the view of most Democrats he uttered the most offensive thing anyone can say:  "No, I don't."

When the first stand-alone New York location opened in 2015, a throng of protesters was on-hand. When a location opened in Queens a year later, socialist mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a boycott.  The repeated theme was "New York City doesn't have room for hate."  But the company had never refused to hire or serve homosexuals.  It didn't proselytize.  The sole alleged "offense" was not supporting same-sex marriage.
Outside, you can glimpse an earlier iteration of that skyline on the building’s façade, which, with two tall, imperious rectangles jutting out, “gives a subtle impression of the Twin Towers.”  This emphasis on community, especially in the misguided nod to 9/11, suggests an ulterior motive. The restaurant’s corporate purpose still begins with the words “to glorify God,” and that proselytism thrums below the surface...
You start to get a better feel for this author:  "the misguided nod to 9/11"?  Gosh, I thought most New Yorkers were grief-stricken by that attack, which devastated lower Manhattan--and killed 2,600 or so.  But author Piepenbringer sneeringly dismisses this as "misguided."

I'll bet this guy is one miserable son of a bitch.  Always miserably wailing.

Here's another of his gems:
Its arrival in the city augurs worse than a load of manure on the F train.
Of course he wouldn't say that about a Muslim restaurant.  Or Indian, or Chinese, or Tibetan.  Cuz those are cool, hip.  The New Yorker has even done gushing pieces on chicken places--but owned by blacks, not Christians.  Seems their contempt is reserved for Christian-owned businesses.

Oh, he bitches about "corporate chain restaurants."  But oddly, he doesn't complain about, say, Starbucks.  Nor about McDonald's, which regularly feeds rougly half the city's minority kids.

But he's not done yet:
[T]there’s something especially distasteful about Chick-fil-A, which has sought to portray itself as better than other fast food: cleaner, gentler, and more ethical,
Really?  I've never seen a single ad saying any of those things.  Rather, that reputation has spread by customer word of mouth.  My personal experience in scores of their stores is that the employees are far friendlier, more cheerful and more polite than in any other chain.  And if you've been to one, you probably agree.

And why do you suppose that might be, mister New Yorker author?  "Just luck," right?  Oh no, wait, I got it:  They must be discriminating in who they hire, only hiring religious white kids from flyover country.  Yeh, dat's da ticket.

Let me wrap this up:  If you don't think virtually every writer and producer for the mainstream or "elite" media loathes Christianity, and traditional values, you're naive.  They hate you.  It's one of the zillion reasons they love Islam and socialism, and hate conservatives.

In Sweden the cops, instead of investigating crime and arresting bad guys, are spending their time ferreting out 65-year-old retired Swedish women who quote a statistic on Fakebook that "immigrants" commit 95 percent of all rapes in that country.  The cops turn the ladies over to the state prosecutor, who levies $10,000 fines and threatens to puts 'em in jail if they don't pay.

If you think the same thing won't happen here if the sick fu*ks like Dan Piepenbring regain control of the entire government (as opposed to the 70 percent now controlled by the Democrat "Deep State") you're dreaming.


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