Thursday, April 19

Federal judge decrees transgenders are now a "protected class" with special rights

Way back in 1970 or so an officer with the USSR's KGB (for students that's their main spy agency) defected to the west.  Among the many things revealed by Yuri Bezmenov was that the Soviets (communists) were in the process of executing a careful plan to destroy the U.S, not through military force but by so debasing our culture that everyone from children to senators wouldn't have any idea of the principles which made this nation different from all others.

Lacking any sense of roots or tradition or purpose, the resulting creatures--government and media "elites," professors, judges, children--would be confused:  Having no idea if America was good or bad, or if the former, how it had come to be so, they'd start tearing down the country.  Poorly educated voters would start demanding more so-called "free stuff" from the government--despite the obvious point that nothing was actually free, and ignoring who was actually paying.

Equally rootless, corrupt pols--realizing the demanding poor would vote for them, and failing to grasp the damage caused by caving in to the socialist demands--would fall over themselves to pass laws decreeing that scarce tax dollars were to be diverted from such trivia as defense and border security to really important stuff--like forcing taxpayers to pay for sex-change surgery for "transgender" members of the military.  The destructive demands of the low-info groups would be further supported by unconstitutional rulings from deluded, moronic judges who--carefully mis-educated by their professors--would support traps like "equality of outcome" even if the outcome was insanely destructive.

In 1984 the Bezmenov gave a recorded interview, describing the communist "subversion" operation in great detail.  You can read it here.  He claimed the first phase--demoralization--had already succeeded.

The goal of the operation was to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite of the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community or their country.

Seems to me Yuri Bezmenov's revelations explain so much of what we see today.  In particular, a decision by a federal judge just 4 days ago that made so-called "transgenders" a "protected class," making it possible for them to win massive damage awards in lawsuits if they're not treated exactly the same as everyone else.

"Wait," you say.  "Everyone in the U.S. believes in equality for everyone!  In the interest of fairness, transgenders should be treated just like everyone else!  After all, America is about fairness to all!"

No problem with fairness.  But that's not what we have with this ruling, because when a judge awards "protected class" status to a group, it gives them special rights.  Very special rights.

Specifically, they then have the special power to win huge judgments in lawsuits by suing if, for example, a police force or club or military branch has fewer members from the protected class than whatever percentage the plaintiff group says they represent in the population.  (Which, by the way, can't be known.)

In other words, the existence of any sort of unequal result wins a directed verdict for them.

If you don't understand how warped that is, it's like a 4-foot-tall person with no basketball skills suing the NBA because they don't have any 4-footers--and winning ten million bucks.  Insane.

When emperor Obama unilaterally ordered the U.S. armed forces to accept openly transgender enlistees--by his decree--people who simply declared themselves to be the opposite sex began signing up, because their pressure groups told them the military paid all health expenses for active-duty members of the armed forces.  The trannies expected they could force the military to pay for the very costly sex-change operations.

You thin that's absurd.  But under emperor Obama, that became official military policy.

So a year ago Trump ordered recognized this absurdity for what it was.  If Obastard could order this policy into being, unilaterally, without any legislation, you'd think a later president could undo that decree.  And Trump tried that. 

But what twisted, extremist, unelected federal judges will allow a president to do change vastly depending on which party holds the presidency.  And sure enough, a federal judge has ruled that Trump can't undo the policy Obastard imposed by decree.

The KGB defector was right:  Over half the people of the U.S. have become so un-moored, so devoid of principles and common sense, that we have a judge ruling that transgenders are now a protected class--and no one has revolted.



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