Monday, April 23

EU prez: "Europe is lost unless we import millions of Africans!" Really, he said that.

The guy on the left is an idiot.  If you either live in Europe or enjoyed visiting it this is unfortunate, since this particular idiot happens to be the president of the "European Union," Jean-Claude Juncker.

And if you had any doubts: yes, he's a socialist.

Why do I say he's an idiot?  Because he actually said "Without millions of African migrants, Europe will be lost."

Why did he say that?  Because native Europeans aren't having enough children to pay the retirement benefits for the number of people retiring.  So the president of the EU believed this could be solved by importing millions of Africans:  Allow them to come to Europe and they'd get jobs and pay taxes, which would pay for the pensions six decades of socialist leaders swore people would receive if they voted for the socialists.

And why was it an idiotic idea to let millions of Africans into Europe?  Because all but a tiny percentage of the immigrants simply refuse to work, since the governments of EU nations will pay them a couple of thousand Euros per month for doing nothing.  And that's in addition to getting free housing.

The socialists could fix this, by removing welfare benefits for immigrants, forcing them to either work, go home or steal to survive.

Of course the socialist pols won't do such a thing--because they claim (though may not actually believe) that all cultures are equal.  So if their taxpayers will just support the happy-to-be-getting-welfare immigrants for, oh, 30 or 40 years, the immigrants will all magically become hard-working taxpayers--whose taxes will keep the generous pensions funded.

Yay, problem solved!

Well, at least the socialist pols believe they've solved it.  Some of us aren't quite convinced.

But time will tell which of us was right, eh?


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