Thursday, April 26

Maine Dems defeat a bill that would have outlawed genital mutilation of young girls

Democrats and Leftists have Principles.  Just ask 'em. 

Two of their most highly-touted principles are 1) they support women, in everything; and 2) they sneer at religion as believing in magic, or "sky friends," and oppose any concessions to such silly, archaic, primitive, dumb beliefs.

Thus in Maine a couple of weeks ago, when the state senate passed a bill to outlaw the barbaric, painful practice known as "female genital mutilation," the House quickly rallied and...wait, turns out 65 Democrats in the House voted against the bill, defeating it.

Wait, that's...odd.  Don't the national media constantly tell us that Democrats support women?

Why yes, that's what the media tell us.  So why would Democrats defeat a bill to ban the sexual mutilation of young girls (widespread in Islamic communities)?

Answer: Muslim are screaming that the real reason the bill was introduced is raaaacism.  They want to keep doing this. and the Dems want to keep all minorities voting for them instead of for Republicans. 

It seems a bit odd that Democrats oppose all religions except one: Islam.  Guess for some pols, getting more votes is more important than principles.


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