Monday, April 23

One of the first members of Mueller's team represented the guy who set up Hilliary's email server

   Zebley is a former assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia and served as Mueller’s chief of staff when Mueller was FBI director. He came with Mueller from the law firm WilmerHale.
    Federal records show he has made no political donations.
So..."federal records show" he hasn't made any political donations, eh?  Why would the Post's Zapotosky include such a *seemingly* irrelevant statement about a presumably low-ranking gopher?

Because they're covering for Mueller and the Dems.  Zebley is the most pro-Hilliary hack you could find.  Among *many* other partisan signs Zebley represented a guy named Justin Cooper--who set up Hilliary's private email server.  Cooper was offered--and accepted--immunity by the FIB's in exchange for his testimony (meaning you can't then plead the 5th to avoid testifying), but then for a reason known only to his attorney (Zebley), he changed his mind and backed out of the deal.  And refused to even appear before the congressional committee investigating Hilliary's use of the email server to store beyond-Top-Secret information.

Who in their right mind would reject an offer of immunity?

Someone who was offered a sweeter deal.

By the way:  Cooper also reportedly smashed several of Hilliary's "Blackberry" phones with a hammer, even though they presumably held evidence relevant to the investigation.

Destroying evidence.  There's a really upstanding guy there.  And no one seems to have asked Zebley about that.


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