Monday, April 16

Code Pink protests what they claim is "war with Syria" one day after U.S. airstrike

One day after President Donald Trump ordered air strikes against targets in Syria, demonstrators from Code Pink gathered to protest outside the White House on Saturday.

Protesters chanted ‘hands off Syria’ and held signs saying ‘No war on Syria’ and ‘Endless war for empire.’  Other demonstrators from Code Pink held a sign reading ‘Illegal and immoral war is not heroic.’  Code Pink also organized anti-Trump demonstrations in San Francisco.

In downtown Los Angeles, demonstrators organized an ‘emergency protest’ on Saturday.  A crowd of a few dozen held signs or Syrian flags. More demonstrations are scheduled for Oakland, New York City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Washington DC.
Interesting:  When Hilliary and the Emperor decided to order the U.S. Air Force to engage in the sustained bombing of Libya (lasting four months), and refusing to obey the so-called "War Powers Act, I don't recall reading about a single anti-war protest.  Of course they may have been happening all over the U.S., and we just didn't hear about it.  Same effect.

And for leftists to carry signs implying that we're "at war" with Syria--I don't recall hearing "Illegal war against Libya" when Hilliary and the Emperor were running the show.  Odd, that.

Y'know, maybe it's just my cynical nature but I'm beginning to think that the U.S. Left and Dems aren't actually opposed to all war, but just when we have a Republican president.  For example, I don't recall any "anti-war" demonstrations when Bill Clinton ordered our armed forces to strike what locals claimed was a baby-formula factory in Iraq.  Not a peep.

How...interesting.  But then, Code Pink ain't exactly known for being consistent:


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