Thursday, March 1

3 muzz females had their mugshots taken after being charged, win $60K each from taxpayers

How insane have the courts and pols in the U.S. become?  Consider this one:

In the cesspool known as New York City, 3 muslim girls were nabbed for crimes.  One absolutely, totally routine part of this process is...a "mugshot," which enables people to identify the person charged.

Now follow me here:  For a mugshot to be of ANY use at all, obviously the pic has to show the person's face, eh?  So the muslim females had their pics taken--in one case by a female officer in a private room.

But in the "New Normal" of the insane United States judicial system, a few "SPECIAL" groups don't have to obey the same rules as everyone else.  And if you try to make them obey the rules the rest of us have to obey, they get...pissy.  And they lawyer up.  And in this case a muzz attorney sued the city for a gazillion dollars.

And you're like, On what possible grounds?

Why, violating their religious freedoms, citizen!  You don't have any, but they do.  Cuz they dumb-ass legal system has awarded them special privileges only available to muzz.  If you're not muzz, you have to obey the rules.  They don't, and if you try to make 'em, the politicians who run things will make you (the taxpayer) pay them.

The city paid them $60,000 apiece--for being forced to obey the same procedure you'd have to undergo (i.e. having your pic taken).


And if you think that's an isolated event, you haven't been paying attention.


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