Sunday, March 18

Fakebook removes video interview of woman who fled Sweden due to migrant violence

If you like Fakebook you should know it routinely removes any posts or videos that warn of danger from Islam.  Fakebook's founder and execs are devoted to the idea that anything critical of Islam or the Left will be taken down as soon as they learn about it.

Latest case:   A woman namedNatalie Contessa af Sandeberg took the rather arduous step of moving from Sweden to Hungary to escape migrant violence in Sweden.  She gave an interview saying this, which was posted--briefly--on Fakebook.

In just three days the video got one million views, before Fakebook took it down.

In the interview Natalie said Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe, due to low number of migrants.  She said the Swedish media is deliberately slanting the news on the refugee crisis, presumably to keep Swedes from learning the truth about migrant violence against them.

She said that one morning while riding the subway to work she was attacked by a migrant.  She said  she cried for help but no one helped.  Finally, she managed to run away from the attacker.

She added that many policemen are also quitting their jobs because they're not protected either.

She noted that it was almost impossible for native Swedes to get a job at the university hospital where she worked because the hospital had a policy of offering jobs to immigrants, and that about eighty percent of the workers-- including doctors and nurses--were immigrants.  She said most companies favor hiring migrants, for unknown reasons.

She said teachers are regularly threatened by immigrant students  armed with knives, and children are being robbed on the street in broad daylight. This is yet another reason why many families planning to leave Sweden.  She noted that most of her friends have already left Sweden.

Again, Fakebook removed the vid after 3 days and 3 million views.  Cuz it hurts the Liberal Narrative.

At least the woman had moved to Hungary.  If she'd been in the U.K. or Germany she'd be facing prison time and a $10,000 fine.  For posting on social media.


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