Saturday, March 17

Fast-food joint in Mass forced to remove satirical sign "You're only allowed 1 overdose here"

Worcester, Massachusetts, is about 30 miles west of Boston.

Boston is one of the many Democrat-ruled U.S. cities that's been swamped by opioids--including heroin and fentanyl.  We're not talking abuse of prescription painkillers here, but junkies shooting up wherever they can.  And of course the use fans out to the suburbs.

The Left and their media allies constantly run stories about how the REAL "opioid problem" is middle-class suburbanites getting hooked on Oxycodone, because that's politically correct and doesn't hurt their Democrat leaders.  But the real problem is people buying and shooting up illegal drugs--both heroin and Chinese-made fentanyl, packaged to look like prescription stuff.  (And yes, cops know this.)

And how bad is it?  Well, junkies use restrooms in fast-food restaurants to shoot up.   And after one Burger King saw nine drug overdoses between September 2016 and September 2017, an employee posted a tongue-in-cheek notice behind the counter: 
You are ONLY allowed ONE overdose and then you are banned from this establishment.
(It's satire because no one expects junkies to either read the sign in the first place, or to be deterred if they managed to do so.)

So just a humor story, eh?  Now for the twist:  Liberals in the Peoples' Republic have forced the Burger King franchisee to remove the sign.

According to the local CBS affiliate, "Police said they met with the manager of the Burger talk about how they could help."

You need to know that when a producer at a Boston CBS station says "help" she often means that word in a far different way than folks living in flyover country use it.

Sure enough, the station quotes a person employed by an outfit called"AdCare:"
"We are in the midst of an opioid crisis and signs like this don’t help,” said AdCare’s Georganna Koppermann. “I think this sign really is a result of the stigma around addiction.”
Ah, I see.  "The stigma around addiction." 

The station didn't bother drawing Ms. Kopperman out on whether this "stigma" was acceptable or not...because all good liberals and Democrats know the right answer:  No personal choice is ever to be criticized ("stigmatized")--except, of course, voting for Trump or any Republican, or supporting the Second Amendment.  Instead, the enlightened, "right-thinking" swells of Boston agree that
    a) heroin is just another personal choice, like having a drink.
    b) there is NO connection whatsoever between heroin addiction and crime;
    c) there is NO connection whatsoever between addiction and employee reliability;
    d) the fact that junkies rarely work is entirely due to bias by deplorable business owners;

Fortunately Burger King headquarters supported their franchisee's desire to maintain a family-safe environment, by discouraging junkies from shooting up in their restrooms, saying...

Wait, the Left has so thoroughly cowed corporations that BK refused to support the idea of even gently, satirically trying to discourage junkies from shooting up in one of their stores.  Instead, in a statement to the TV station BK said
“The actions of this team member [i.e. posting the satirical sign] not reflect [our] values....The Franchisee is investigating this incident and will take the actions they believe are appropriate.”
Meanwhile, Democrat-ruled governments of Boston, Worcester and other Dem-ruled cities will continue to do everything they can to make injecting heroin as easy as possible--including spending taxpayer dollars to give junkies safe places to shoot up.  Cuz the last thing any good Dem would want to do would be to (gasp!) stigmatize IV drug use, eh?


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