Friday, March 16

Dem president of California senate appoints illegal alien to state committee

When a government not only stops enforcing legitimate laws, but when top politicians overtly reward breaking those laws, how long before most citizens conclude that such a government is no longer legitimate--and indeed, serves no purpose other than a paycheck (and graft opportunities) for corrupt pols?

In the lawless cesspool that is California, the Democrat-controlled state senate's Rules Committee has appointed a so-called "undocumented resident"--i.e. an illegal alien--to a statewide post.

The Rules Committee is run by senate president Kevin de León--obviously a Democrat--who jokes that he has numerous kinfolks who are similarly undocumented and living in California.

De Leon appointed a female illegal alien attorney and immigrant rights activist to serve on a creature called the "Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee."  Which will steer grants to illegal alien students.

Of course you think I'm being facetious about steering grants to illegal students.  But the notoriously Democrat-fellating Sacramento paper says "the committee advises the California Student Aid Commission on efforts to increase college access for California students from low-income or underserved communities." 

"Increase college access...for underserved communities" is Demo-babble for steering taxpayer funds to pay for college for illegal alien students.

Democrats have totally controlled California's legislature for five decades.  De Leon's appointment of the illegal clearly shows that top Democrat pols reward other lawless Dems like Obama for violating national law, and reward illegal aliens.  And not a single American is surprised by this.


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