Friday, January 26

White woman murdered in KC by black 13 and 14-year-old. Media ignored it.

I ran across the following story by accident, and I think that given the current huge push by Democrat congresscreeps and the mayors and governors of so-called sanctuary cities and states (Andrew Cuomo, Moonbeam Brown--to give millions of illegal aliens citizenship--backed 100% by the Lying Mainstream Media--the story is worth noting.

Three years ago in a Kansas City suburb a 43-year-old woman named Tanya Chamberlain was knifed to death by two 8th-grade black "youths," ages 13 and 14.  After they killed her they stole her car and drove around for half an hour with her body in the front seat, until a police officer tried to pull 'em over for suspected drunk driving.

Unless you live in Kansas City you didn't hear about this.  Not a peep out of the Mainstream Media.  "Oh," say liberal liars, "there's a perfectly logical reason for that," they say.  "The national networks and papers never bother reporting local crimes like that, because there's no interest in the story outside the local area.  It's just Another Local Crime, of interest only to a few local residents.

Really?  That's bullshit.  Let's compare how the national media--both print and broadcast--responded to this murder with how they reacted to the *self-defense shootin* of Trayvon Martin:  The liberal media made the latter front-page news for months, even printing and broadcasting pics of Martin when he was a "cute" 12-year-old. 

Blacks were outraged! that po' li'l innocent Tray-Tray got shot cuz the guy he was trying to beat to death--literally beating his head on the concrete--decided he didn't want to put up with that.  The media even labelled the self-defense shooter a "white Hispanic."  But when it comes to the cold-blooded, unprovoked, offensive (as opposed to defending your life) murder of an *unarmed* *woman* by two 8th-grade moronic thugs running loose at 1 a.m.? 


So why the difference in the way the media treated these two killings?  Seems to me the murder of Tanya Chamberlain was far more of a hate crime, and a cold-blooded killing.  She wasn't attacking the kids who knifed her to death, but simply washing her car.  By contrast, the 13 and 14-year-olds were running loose with a knife at 1 a.m.--a fact that by rights should raise questions in the minds of every responsible adult.

Finally, armed killers stabbing an unarmed...woman.  Regardless of the races of killers and victim, virtually all people of character would consider that an abomination.  But the national media still ignored it.

Why?  Because it didn't help their Narrative.  Just as the killing of Kate Steinle by a five-time-deported illegal alien who'd been convicted of 7 drug felonies didn't help, and thus had to be soft-pedalled.

Just like the gleeful courtroom outburst by an illegal alien who killed two American policemen, and on his conviction laughed "I wish I'd killed more.  And I'll escape from jail and when I do I'll kill again.  Didn't hear that either, did ya?  Probably not. Didn't help The Narrative.   Hmmm....

Liberal commenters were making the usual excuses for the murder:  the killers were just children, didn't know right from wrong.  Can't blame them.  Or my personal favorite:  "It's society's fault."

Back in the old days parents taught and emphasized character.  The importance of good character was reinforced in church and in schools.  But for the last couple of decades many biological parents haven't been interested in parenting.  God is no longer discussed in those homes,  Churches have gone homosexual and communist.  Schools removed God long ago because liberals demanded it.

The teachings of God don't support The Narrative.

If you want to destroy a nation, teach "children" to have contempt for the law.  From there it's easy to have contempt for their fellow citizens.

Give them money for not working, and you destroy the incentive to work.  Personal responsibility becomes something to be ridiculed.

Banish God, and there's no rational basis for behaving morally, let alone ethically.

Unless one wishes to argue that blacks are genetically inferior, then Liberals have created the dysfunction of black America.  They will no doubt claim that every single program they demanded be created was born of good intentions.

No doubt this will comfort the family of Tanya Chamberlain and other victims of racial hate murders of whites by blacks.
James Cone was the spiritual mentor of Jeremiah Wright, who was Obama's "pastor" for 20 years.  Cone speaks as one of the foremost authorities on "Black Liberation Theology," and here's what he said about the relationship between blacks, whites, and God.
"Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community … Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy."

If the media told the truth about what passes for cutting-edge thought by blacks about race relations, or about what illegal immigrants really say about America, would any Democrat ever be elected?

This murder got little attention because the killers were Black and the victim was White. The media ignored it--despite the huge news "hook" of young killers and a female victim--because it didn't fit The Narrative.  The killers got little punishment for the crime of race-motivated murder due to age and their race.

Now the Democrats are renewing their demands--yes, demands--that millions of illegal immigrants--most from Mexico--be granted citizenship.  Who will bring in more, even if "chain migration" is banned--because the law means nothing to these people.  It's true that a tiny percentage joined the military--I think the exact number was seven.  Not seven percent, but seven *people.*

Democrats demand we give illegal aliens citizenship.  Good intentions.  Bad results.  Just like the government giving welfare to people who won't work. 

Good intentions.  Bad results.  But hey, let's just do more of same, cuz eventually it'll work, right?


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