Sunday, January 21

Feds deport two bad guys who'd said "F-U" to deportation orders

In case you haven't been paying attention, a huge percentage of the illegals in the U.S. seem to have the attitude that "Your so-called laws mean nothing. We demand to be allowed to stay in this crap country--even though we hate it, and you, and your ideals, and you're all shit.  And you can't deport us because we have The Power cuz all the Democrats in congress, and your media, want us here.  So F-U, dumb white anglos!"

For example, Jean Montrevil is a Haitian national who's been in the U.S. since 1986 despite a court ordering him to be deported after a prison term for drug possession.

Montrevil proceeded to give a big F-U to the authorities, essentially daring them to try to deport him, by co-founding a group called the "New Sanctuary coalition."

See, he's implying that he be given "sanctuary" cuz of the awful civil war in his native country, Haiti.

Oh wait, there hasn't been a war in Haiti.  So on what grounds is he demanding sanctuary?

You're not supposed to ask, citizen.  And Democrats and their media propagandists don't.  Ever.

Well--earlier this month Montrevil was taken into custody by ICE officers, touching off a firestorm of protest.  Open-borders pushers accused ICE of breaking an “understanding” that Montrevil would not be arrested while he appealed his order of removal--which he's had decades to appeal but hasn't, believing he'd never have to worry about it.  Cuz of the Democrat air-cover.

Despite what the media described as a "firestorm of protest," the asshole was deported to Haiti on Tuesday.

Wow!  Is someone in government finally deciding to enforce our laws?  That's so cool!

And Montrevil wasn't the only one:  The executive director of the "New Sanctuary coalition," and the public face of immigration activism in New York City, is a native of Trinidad named Ravidath Ragbir.  Ragbir came to the U.S. in 1991 as a legal permanent resident but in 2006 he was ordered deported after he was convicted of wire fraud.

Five years later he was still in the U.S, having managed to avoid being deported, and in 2011 the New York field office of ICE granted him a stay of deportation, apparently to allow him to continue his legal fight.  Cuz how could anyone with any feelings deport someone to Trinidad, since that island nation has been in the middle of such a ghastly, deadly civil war for years?

Oh wait--Trinidad hasn't had a civil war.  Or any other kind.  The guy would just rather stay in the U.S. for some reason.  Hard to figure, eh?

Last April the Trump administration granted Ragbir an extension of that stay until Jan. 19.  But when Ragbir reported to the ICE office in New York on the 19th for his weekly check-in, he was detained for deportation. 

But mysteriously, word that the government was about to deport him had leaked out, and hundreds of supporters had already gathered around the building.  And when the car carrying him pulled out of the Federal Plaza garage, supporters tried to block it.  As a communist-front website put it, "Friends, colleagues, clergy, and city council members put their bodies in front of the vehicle, blocking it with their lives."

Resistance, comrades!  We should not have to obey the laws of this fascist country!  We should be able to do anything we like, because we're here and we're angry!  Neener neener neener!

But Ragbir was deported.

These two news items are the most encouraging that I've seen since the last election:  ICE has deported two of the guys leading the big F-U to American citizens.

Right back atcha, a**holes.

Oh, and to my Democrat friends--and any NY city-council members who tried to help block this scofflaw's deportation:  Do you really want to encourage people to defy court orders?  Is that really the path you want for this country?  Sure, you love lawbreaking when it helps your cause, but ya might wanna re-think that.  Cuz as a famous person once said, if you succeed in knocking down all the laws, what remains to protect you from the devil?


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