Monday, January 22

How far have we fallen? Two gay Army officers married in cadet chapel at West Point

Liberals and Democrats have gone all-in in support of gays and transgenders, including forcing the armed forces to accept them.  First there was Bill Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which allowed gays in the military as long as they weren't flaming about it.  Then Obama made things far, far worse (what a shock, eh?) by removing that caveat, forcing the military to take flaming gays.  And trannies.

I suspect 99% of both officers and enlistees were appalled by this, but if you said a word you just ended your career.  Understandably, no one was willing to make that personal sacrifice when doing so wouldn't budge either Obama, the congress or the public.

Now, the gays I've known have been completely delightful people, but allowing openly-gay people in the military is a dumb policy.  In a minute I'll tell you why, but first let's see the latest result of this dumbassery:  On January 13th two Army officers--both West Point grads and both biologically males--got married, in the cadet chapel at West Point.

This ceremony--complete with the arch of crossed sabres formed by the cadet sabre drill team--made headlines overseas, complete with big, big pictures of the two holding hands, kissing and so on.

One of the pics published in scores of foreign newspapers that will result in American deaths
Now:  If for no other reason, allowing openly-gay people in the military is dumb--because it will get American soldiers killed needlessly.  The reason is that a large part of war is how motivated soldiers are to fight:  As should be obvious, highly-motivated soldiers will fight on even when outnumbered, or for a cause that's obviously hopeless.  By allowing open gays in the military our opponents see us as insane, incompetent, feminized.  How, they will think, can any competent soldier be defeated by a military that caters to such seeming insanity?

At that point the fact that our actual military skill hasn't changed at all doesn't matter a whit.  What matters is the perception by the enemy's troops that the U.S. military is being led by feminized crazies instead of strong, determined men.

Again, lest any leftists, libs or Democrats out there misunderstand: when it comes to how highly motivated the enemy is, all that matters whether he perceives the U.S. military to be hard and competent--a force best avoided.

Our troops are already facing an enemy who believes he's doing the will of Allah, and that if he dies in battle he goes to heaven and gets 72 virgins.  So he's already strongly motivated.  Throw this on top and the Muslims will be even more strongly motivated to fight when logic would dictate that they surrender.  Hence the needless American deaths.

With Trump's directive to the military--which was promptly blocked by the leftist courts--to stop allowing transgenders to enlist, it's barely possible that this whole deadly policy will eventually be reversed.  But with the courts blocking Trump--and 99.9 percent of all judges not knowing a thing about military history or psychology or combat--I doubt Trump will be able to reverse the policy of openly-gay people in the military.

Thanks, Obama.  Thanks, idiot judges (who blocked the transgender reversal and would almost certainly do the same for any effort to correct the problem I just pointed out).

Again, I don't doubt that the two officers who got married are nice people who may also be competent pilots.  But that's not the problem.


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