Sunday, January 21

Former fed prosecutor says FBI "investigation" of Hilliary was "a farce"

A former federal prosecutor says the truth is slowly starting to seep out about the Obama administration’s brazen breaking of all the usual rules of law and investigation to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

A second objective of the Obama team was to plant the false story that the only reason Donald Trump was elected was because Russia intervened to help him--the "collusion story."

A former federal prosecutor (Joe diGenova) claims officials in Obama's "Justice Department" and FBI conducted a sham investigation of Hilliary's email server, and used bogus FISA warrants to illegally wiretap and record American citizens while they were in the U.S.  Again, that's illegal.

He says the "investigation" of Hilliary's email server conducted by the FBI was a fake, as it broke virtually every normal rule for investigations:  Among other things, Comey
  • gave key witnesses immunity in exchange for no useful information
  • allowed witnesses to sit in on testimony of other witnesses 
  • failed to seize key evidence, allowing time for Hilliary's employees to destroy it
  • failed to convene a grand jury
  • didn't enforce subpoenas
  • didn't seek or obtain search warrants.
"That’s not an investigation," said DiGenova, "It’s a farce.”

Of course nothing will come of any of this, because the Lying Mainstream Media and the Democrats have cunningly boxed Trump in in the court of public opinion, so he can't fire his inept or complicit attorney-general Jeff Sessions without losing the presidency in 2020.

Sessions has allowed Obama holdovers in the DOJ and FBI to refuse to give congressional investigating committees documents they have demanded.  This is unacceptable:  Assuming the requests for documents are legal, on what grounds are the DOJ and FBI refusing to comply?

Either congress controls the government or it doesn't--and right now it doesn't.  In which case a hundred nameless Obama holdovers are running a shadow government that refuses to follow lawful orders.

This is dreadfully dangerous, and won't end well.

In the military, a soldier who deliberately ignores a lawful order is courtmartialled and jailed.  The same thing (in a civilian court, obviously) should be done to federal officials who refuse to comply with a lawful order from congress.  Either the U.S. is a nation of laws, or it's not. 

Unfortunately it's beginning to look as if we're past the tipping point now.


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