Monday, January 22

More misleading "news" from NBC and Andrea Mitchell

Yesterday I accidentally watched a few minutes of the NBC nightly news.  One of the top stories--right after a slobbering clip of Chucky Schumer blaming Trump for shutting down the government--was the ghastly Andrea Mitchell interviewing Vice-president Mike Pence, who had addressed U.S. troops regarding the government shutdown.

The 15 seconds of Mitchell's interview that NBC chose to broadcast to its audience had Mitchell asking Pence "Since your party has a majority in the senate, isn't it your party's responsibility to keep the government running?"

As Mitchell had to know, because of the filibuster rule it takes 60 votes to pass the continuing resolution to fund government operation, but there are only 51 Repubs.  So the shutdown is entirely due to the refusal of Democrat in the senate to vote to keep the government running.  Mitchell's question totally mis-stated the facts.  Anyone listening to her would have thought her snarky premise would have had to be correct, when it wasn't. 

In other words, fake news, again.

To his credit Pence did point out the truth, but did it in such a diplomatic way that I doubt most people got the point.  So for Mitchell and NBC it was another "mission accomplished:" imply to Americans that Trump and the Republicans ("...your party...") are to blame for the shutdown.


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