Tuesday, January 23

FBI claims its computer system conveniently "lost" five months of key texts being sought

The FBI has a zillion-dollar gee-whiz computer system that's supposed to save all texts and emails sent to and from government- issue phones.  

Tell me, readers:  How many of you have heard that the FBI is claiming that it CANNOT provide to congressional investigators five months worth of texts between two of the most treasonous conspirators (Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) trying to overthrow the legitimate president?

And did you read the FBI's bullshit excuse?

They're claiming that five MONTHS of key, incriminating, potentially jailable emails simply weren't saved by their computer system.  And that as a result, the lying asshole rat-bastard Obama holdovers claim those emails are irretrievably lost.

These people must think everyone who's not in their cabal is terminally stupid.  What an AMAZING coincidence that the FBI's ultra-expensive computer system somehow managed to avoid saving FIVE MONTHS of texts send and received by the key conspirators.  (The other four are deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, former director James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and current FBI director Chris Wray.  Yes, the current director.)

If you believe the lie that the texts were simply "lost," you're terminally naive.  Obviously the seditious conspirators--who are unquestionably trying to overthrow the republican president they hate--deleted the incriminating texts.

Now follow me here:  The FBI didn't "lose" the texts to shield Strzok and Page, since incriminating text messages between those two have already been released.  They did it to protect the higher-ups, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein and Wray, once those four realized they might be in jeopardy. 

With the texts incriminating the FBI bosses conveniently "lost," then if Strzok and Page "take the fifth" and refuse to testify, there won't be any evidence to charge the other four conspirators, and they'll get away with everything.

Strzok and Page have been quietly assured that if they take the fifth, Democrats in congress will cut the investigation short and ensure the two get the lightest possible sentences--probably probation--and they'll be secretly paid for their silence.

All of this so the four top conspirators will get away with everything.

Now:  The "Big Four" conspirators are incredibly powerful, but not omnipotent.  So unless they're a lot smarter about computer tech than I think they are, they probably don't know where all the copies of  the allegedly "lost" texts are saved.  Meaning that ordering the copies they know about to be deleted hasn't affected the copies they didn't know existed.  A couple of copies almost certainly still exist.

The question is, how can the few "good" Republicans in the House find 'em?

Simply ordering a federal agency to search for 'em and produce any copies is sabotaged--every time--by "deep state" Democrat employees.  That's not hyperbole:  When Lois Lerner claimed to have had 3 of her hard-drives crash in 3 years, and the damn Commissioner of the IRS--a smug, lying scum named John Koskinnen--claimed they'd searched their system but amazingly,  no backup copies existed, a private investigator went to the federal office that saves that stuff.  He asked, Do you have copies of emails to and from office X on these dates?"

Govt employee says "Sure."  Investigator says, "Has anyone from the IRS asked you to look for 'em?"  Govt employee: "Nope."

So Koskinnen was brazenly lying.  Congress later confronted him about that lie in live testimony, and his response was essentially "F-U.  What do you think you can do about it?"  I watched the exchange.  The asshole's smug expression as he was telling congress to kiss his ass was infuriating.

Of course this was when the emperor was on his throne, so I didn't expect anything honest or responsive.  I did hope that Trump's election would get the bastard Democrat holdovers to start obeying the law, but doesn't seem to have happened.

If you were of age in 1973 you may remember that Nixon deleted 18 1/2 minutes of tapes from the oval office, and was forced to resign.

The FBI deletes FIVE MONTHS of incriminating texts, and the Democrat-loving media yawns and looks the other way.

This is far, far bigger than   Shame on the lying, Democrat-loving media.  If they win this one, the U.S. is done for.



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