Monday, January 22

Bizarre story 854,659: And beware of obvious crazed demons

Normally I don't bother posting about crazy people since it seems to be a random affliction, like the flu.  Not much can be done about it except...warn young, naive people to stay away from obvious demons.  Like the guy below.

The guy--Joseph Porter, 25--appears to have kidnapped and murdered the woman, Cristina Prodan 27, whose burned body was found a day after her mother reported her missing in Minnesota. where she lived.

The victim and Porter met thru social media in October and began living together shortly thereafter, proving that there's a shortage of sane men in Minnesota.  A few weeks later Porter allegedly became abusive.  Cops called to the residence "numerous times," and the victim got a court order barring him from contact with her.

Porter--sane, normal-looking fellow that he is--promptly violated the order.  Lesson one.

On Dec. 28 Porter pleaded guilty to violating the order, and since the pair were living in liberal Minnesota, the liberal judge sentenced Porter to a year lockup, to keep him from abusing her further.

Just kidding.  The liberal judge promptly released him--"sentenced to time served."  Lesson two.

Within days, the victim reportedly "took him back;" then vanished days later.

"Abusive."  "Protective order."  "Took him back days later."  Uh, not a good plan, ladies.  Lesson 3.

An arrest warrant on Porter quoted his mother as saying he told her in December “he was going to kidnap the victim, drain her bank accounts, empty her safe deposit box of the guns, and take her some place where no one could find her."

One more bit, buried way down the story: The federal kidnapping-across-state-lines complaint says Porter's husband, Richard Crawford, of Little Rock, Ark., told investigators Porter admitted to killing Prodan somewhere in Minnesota and taking her body to New Orleans where he burned it.

Wait--Porter's...husband??   Surely that's an error: surely it must have been *Prodan's* husband--the victim's husband, who would understandably be eager to help authorities catch his wife's killer.

But no--Richard Crawford and Joseph Porter are a legal married couple.  The murder victim wasn't married.


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