Monday, January 15

"They all knew"

Barack Hussein Obama
  • has had dozens of different Social Security numbers
  • currently has an SSN from a state he hadn't visited when it was supposedly issued
  • has his Harvard Law School, Columbia College, and Occidental college records sealed
  • had his Illinois State Senate records sealed
  • had his Illinois State Bar records sealed
  • had his Punahou School (private high school in Hawaii) sealed
  • had his financial records and even his elementary records sealed
  • had his name-change records sealed
  • had the marriage license between his father and mother sealed
  • had records of his mother’s repatriation as US citizen on return from Indonesia sealed
  • had his adoption records and baptism records sealed;
  • finally, for over a dozen years his own biography, from his publisher, said he was born in Kenya; and he had to sign off on its accuracy.
And remember, citizen:  While campaigning for president he promised his administration would be "the most transparent in history."

Clearly that was bullshit.  Yet according to the Lying Media he's "the most admired man in America."

Really, that's what they claim.

Now, why am I calling out the lies of a man who's no longer president?  Because just like Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein, all the top Democrats knew he wasn't eligible to hold the office.  In particular, Pelosi.

Like Hollywood and Weinstein: "They all knew."


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