Sunday, January 14

Are some countries shitholes? Take a look at once-civilized South Africa

The Lying Media have their knickers in a twist because Trump said some countries are shitholes.

So does the Lying Media think that statement isn't true?  Oh wait, they refuse to answer that.

So to get an answer to this question let's look to the august, respected BBC.  Specifically, to a piece they ran in January of 2013 on the outrageous incidence of rape in...South Africa, where 60,000 rapes are reported every year.  And some experts think the real number is closer to 600,000.

According to the article this wave of assaults on women doesn't seem to have provoked much action.  Instead the elites seem to be baffled as to the cause:  Is it due to poverty?  Drugs?  Apparently it's just too complex for the elites of South Africa to reason out!  As one resident commented, "We have to keep on getting the message out that rape is totally unacceptable."  Cuz some cultures aren't clear on that, perhaps?

Another resident of SA commented, "Now we don't even report it to the police unless there are ghastly injuries to show too. We just carry on, shell-shocked, because...the attackers wouldn't be arrested and charged if we reported them.  It's so widespread now, people are only shocked when it happens to children."

This apparent utter bafflement as to cause seems oddly familiar, like American leftists complaining about prison populations rising "even as most crime seems to be decreasing"--and professing to utterly unaware that putting criminals in prison just might have some relationship to the drop in most crime.

Cuz that's just unpossible, citizen.  The idea that taking career criminals off the street might reduce crime rates is unthinkable to leftists.  And even less possible to Democrats and liberals is the idea that the fear of being caught and jailed for several years might deter people contemplating a serious criminal act.

Simply unpossible, citizen.

So back to the tidal wave of rape in South Africa--which at one time was a very succesful, sophisticated nation.  When the former white-run government handed all power over to the communist, black-run African National Congress, the crime rate went exponential.  And for some unexplained reason the police stopped taking much interest in solving many crimes.

In many cases, just before the trial of known bad guys was to begin, the entire evidence file on the case would mysteriously vanish, causing the state to drop charges.  It became...routine.  As did powerful government officials looting the treasury.  Essentially the government stopped enforcing the law.

It didn't take long for even the dimmest criminals to realize that crime was now essentially risk-free.

But of course this could not possibly have any effect on the number of crimes committed, right?

So...since all enlightened people agree that women shouldn't be raped, perhaps we've found a country that liberals will agree is a "shit-hole."  And if so, what in the world could be the cause?  Poverty?  Illegal drugs?

It's a mystery.

Wait, my bad:  Liberals will never agree that any nation is a shithole--other than the U.S, maybe.  They just can't admit that some nations work better than others.  Cuz once they're forced to admit that, then the next question has to be:  Why is that?

You can see why they refuse to get into that question.


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