Sunday, January 14

Headline stories from Lying Media: "We're all gonna die cuz Trump is prez!"

Lying Media headline: "Will Trump kill Net Neutrality?"
  Translation: "Life as you know it is about to end, because Trump!"

Lying Media headline: "Trump tax cut is the most awful, heartless thing EVER!  You're all gonna die!"
   Sub-head: "The only way to save yourselves is by demanding his removal via the 25th amendment"

Lying Media headline: "German chancellor Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world"
   Sub-head: "Even a former communist who's invited a million immigrants into her country is better than the eeebil Trumpster!"
   Key 'graf:
"The title [leader of the free world] requires the President to be committed to the values of liberal democracy. But unlike his is already clear that Trump has no such inclinations. He is heading, at terrifying speed, in the opposite direction."

(Actual headline run by Politico: "Leader of the free world meets Donald Trump"  Really, they ran that.  And the actual content of the story is--well for starters, horribly anti-American.  But no surprise.)

Lying Media headline: "Trump plans to hit innocent North Korea with first-strike nuke attack!"
    Sub-head: "Wants to start World War 3, incinerate your children!"
    Sub-head: "U.S. intel agencies all agree that the only threat to use nukes is from Trump!  Norks innocent, only built nukes as defense against U.S. invasion ordered by insane Trump!"

(Actual headline run by Dem mouthpiece The Hill: "This is how Trump could start World War 3."
Really, they actually published that.)

Lying Media headline: "Hollywood star says we'd be better off with Pence as prez"
    Sub-head: "Black star sez Pence is 'a simpleton and a puppet'"

(Actual headline run by The Hill: "'The Wire' star: 'I'd prefer a president Pence because he's a simpleton and a puppet"  Really, they actually published that.)

(Actual headline run by Leftist propagandist group the "Center for American Progress:"  "Don't let Trump start a war with North Korea!"   Really, they actually published that.)

Starting to understand yet?  Obama wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to "fundamentally transform this country."  And with the shocking loss by Hilliary--endlessly touted by the LYing Media as "the most qualified person ever to run for president!" the Lying Mainstream Media are doing everything they can to remove Trump from office and regain control of all branches of government.

I don't doubt some ordinary citizens who vote Democrat are probably nice.  But the Democrat party and its leaders are the enemy of everything you hold dear.  They want open borders and higher taxes, so the government can give "free" stuff to all Dem voters.  They hate free markets, capitalism, Christians and open debate.  They want the government to run health care, among many other things.

Read the articles linked above and you'll start to understand.  Then if you don't like the Democrat leaders' plans, perhaps we can figure out how to fight back.


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