Sunday, January 14

Democrat party finds its new face as popular figure files for U.S. senate

The Democratic party has found the new leader it's been looking for:  Bradley ("call me Chelsea") Manning.

Yes folks, the Army private who grabbed and leaked something like 750,000 secret cables from his desk in a war theater has filed for the U.S. senate as a Democrat, in Maryland.

I can totally understand how Bradley/Chelsea is the perfect candidate to be the new face of Democrats.  I mean, the leaking of the secret cables alone has to make Bradley/Chelsea someone Dems would hold in the  highest esteem.  And that's before we even mention the sex-change.

Dems love transgenders, and this guy/girl has the added cachet of having actually been an American soldier, which makes the big F-U to deplorables doubly delicious (from their standpoint).

Democrat senate leader Chuck Schumer was quoted as saying "Because the Democrat party always supports our veterans, we're solidly behind Chelsea. You go girl!"

The vice-chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, was also enthusiastic about the filing:  "We believe Chelsea's conversion was caused by the stress of combat in that terrible war against our Muslim brothers.  Of course Islam has points of difference with gays, but now that Chelsea has made the transition to her true gender, we can support her without reservation."

Many news agencies initially thought that the announcement had come from comedienne Chelsea Handler, but any confusion was quickly cleared up when the comedienne issued a tweet complaining that Manning's sex change was actually "cultural appropriation" and should be condemned as mere opportunism.

Handler's tweet triggered an avalanche of criticism from the LGBTQ community, blasting her for not totally accepting the fact that women don't have to be born with female parts.  Handler quickly deleted the tweet and apologized profusely for her unenlightened earlier missive, claiming she was suffering from a head cold and thus wasn't responsible for anything she may have tweeted.

Manning came out as transgender after being sentenced by a military court to 35 years in a military prison for leaking the secret cables, but weeks before the end of his final term in office, preezy Barack Obama granted Manning clemency after the former Army clerk had served just 3 years.  The pardon was cheered by anti-military activists and transgender advocates, who pushed for Obama to run for a third term.

Seriously, people: If you'd written this as a screenplay 9 years ago, no one in their right mind would have believed it.

It's also telling that in CNN's masterfully worded story on this, they didn't mention that Manning only served 3 years of the 35-year sentence--a fact that would have put Obama's pardon in more accurate perspective.

Rule of law, baby.  If an anti-American president wanted to encourage troops to leak secrets and defect to the enemy, pardoning Manning from a 35-year sentence, and ransoming deserter Bowe Bergdahl would be a cunning way to do it.


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