Monday, January 15

Leftist website implies murder of Seth Rich has been solved, and DNC had no role in it

Example number infinity of how the Left lies--brazenly, right in your face--and counts on 95% of the American public to not have paid enough attention to realize they're being lied to:

Two days ago the leftwing Democrat-supporting website The Hill ran a story titled "Trump re-tweets far-right activist.  The guy Trump re-tweeted, Jack Posobiec, had claimed that Democrat Dick Durbin had called for an end to chain migration, but that's not the point here.

Buried way down the Hill article was this:
Posobiec has also promoted a conspiracy theory that the Democratic National Committee was behind the murder of staffer Seth Rich, which has been proven to be false.
Wait...did the Hill just claim the DNC had nothing to do with the murder of their computer-expert staffer, Seth Rich?  Why yes, they did.  Gosh, last I heard the cops had no idea who killed Rich.  Yet the Hill implies that the mysterious murder has been solved.  Cuz the only way they could know that the DNC didn't have any role in Seth's murder was if the case had been solved, right?

Let's review: DC cops said the murder was a "botched robbery attempt," despite the fact that the so-called "robbers" didn't take his wallet, Rolex, jewelry or cell phone, but just shot him.

Yeah, I'd say that was a really botched robbery.

So not only does the Hill imply that Rich's bizarre murder has been solved, but also that the killers gave statements totally absolving the DNC of any role in it.

Bullshit.  Total fabrication by the Hill.  The murder is still unsolved.  And even if the cops managed to find the killers, what are the chances they'd simply spontaneously say "Oh and by the way, the Democrat Committee had, like, nothing whatsoever to do with this murder.  Really."

But when rags like the Hill or Politico or Slate or Mother Jones or HuffPo publish totally false crap like this, the average low-info Democrat takes it as true.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.  "But hey, there's no such thing as fake news, citizen.  At least not from your friends here at the Mainstream Media.  Trust us."

Jesse Watters should go to coastal college campuses and ask students whether they agree with a statement Watters claims was made by Obama, that the 19 Muslims who flew hijacked passenger jets into the World Trade Center were merely (and totally understandably) retaliating against the U.S. for Bush ordering American troops to invade Iraq.  I'll bet 80 percent of college students would agree.

Hell, I'll bet 80 percent of low-IQ Democrat ADULTS would agree with that claim.  And their votes actually count as much as yours.


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