Sunday, January 14

Leftists and their Lying Media cunningly conflate "legal immigrants" with "illegal immigrants"

Wanna see how cunningly the Left is working to take over control of America? 

Take a look at the commercially-printed sign below:  "Health care for ALL includes immigrants."  Hey, who can argue that naturalized citizens--"immigrants"--have all the rights of natural-born citizens?  (Except for the right to be president, and even that seems to have been quietly ignored when it serves Democrats.)

Oh wait:  I think that when the sign makers use the term "immigrants" what they REALLY mean is illegal immigrants.  And that the ILLEGALS have a right to taxpayer-funded health care, because of the existence of dat moronic piece of socialist crap called Obamacare.  Hell of a difference.

Oh wait:  When the Democrats passed the 1200-page piece of crap called Obamacare, the actual, y'know, WORDING said taxpayer-subsidized health care would only be given to American citizens--not to illegal aliens.  The Dems were FORCED to put that language in or else it would have been obvious to everyone that the emperor's real goal was to bring in a few million illegals and give THEM free health care too.

Dat would have made the piece of crap harder to pass, eh?  Even the traitorous, socialist Democrat congresswhores would have lost their precious, oh-so-lucrative congressional seats if they'd had to defend THAT.  So they specifically said only American citizens were eligible.

But now, comrade?  Hey, the actual WORDS aren't really binding, not important.  What matters is how much we can get away with.  What we can get a friendly, unelected liberal judge to rule.

Cool, huh? 

Oh, you're skeptical?  Well, Obama unilaterally changed hard dates specified in the actual wording of the law to delay the start dates of punitively-costly portions of the law, to keep voters from realizing what a piece of crap the law was, thus to greatly improve the chances of Dems being elected to congress.

Cool, eh?  The actual words in a published, passed law don't mean shit when you have a brilliant emperor who can change the law by decree.  I mean, who needs congress when you've got a pen?

Just like he did when he gave de-facto amnesty to 800,000 illegal alien youths.  And then, more insulting yet, gave them the authority to bring in their illegal parents too.  (By a miracle, a federal judge ruled that that was way too much overreach, and shot it down.)

Wow, it sure is great to be a Democrat, eh?  Can you imagine how the Lying Media would scream if a Republican president simply decided to ignore laws he didn't like?


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