Monday, January 15

Fiat-Chrysler moves truck factory to Michigan from Mexico, announces $2,000 bonuses, cuz...

Rome, January 12 (ANSA) - Fiat-Chrsyler said Thursday that because of the recent tax cut bill pushed by president Trump, it would invest over a billion dollars in its plant at Warren in Michigan, moving production of the next generation of Ram Heavy Duty pickups there from the current plant in Mexico.
    The company said the move will add 2,500 jobs in Metro Detroit by 2020, when the plant retooling is completed.
    The company also said it would give 60,000 US workers a 2,000-dollar bonus, also thanks to President Donald Trump's tax cuts.
PAY NO ATTENTION, CITIZEN!  Instead listen to your Democratic party leaders:  "The tax cuts are the worst thing in the world!  They're cruel, horrible!  Repeat after us: "All good Americans should want to pay more taxes!"

If you believe you've heard something about the stock market going up you should know that this is absolutely normal. The stock market always goes up a year after a presidential election.  And anyway, higher stock prices only benefit the Rich, not ordinary hard-working Americans like the Dreamers and you.

Finally, about those little "bonus" thingies you may have heard about.  They're nothing--or as our brilliant Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi (pbuh) put it, they're just crumbs.  Do NOT think you got any kind of good deal.

Remember: all the REAL benefit went to the Rich, not to your hard-working, ordinary-folk Democrat leaders!

So vote Democrat this fall, because if our Dem candidates win a majority in the House we'll impeach that orange tyrant and our RINO allies in the senate will ensure that he's convicted and removed from office by the following spring. 

Then we'll go after that raaacist gray tyrant Pence!  Yay!


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