Sunday, January 14

"Would you rather live in Norway or Haiti?" Leftist opinion-shaper: "I couldn't say."

Sometimes asking a lying Leftist just the right question gets them to see they're liars--resulting in a faabulous meltdown.

And in a few instances when this is captured on live television, the results are spectacular!  As caught in the clip below.

The setup: The virtue-signalling folks in the Lying Media have been clutching their pearls over claims by Democrats that Trump asked Dems "Why are we letting so many people from shithole countries in?"  The Dems were having a gloatfest, because responsible national leaders simply don't say such crude things, eh?

So live on CNN, nominal conservative Rich Lowry was making the point that yes, there really are countries that could most concisely be described as shitholes.  Liberal Joan Walsh was outraged--that was utterly, horribly xenophobic, raaacist, et cetera.  At which point Lowry was inspired to ask
"Where would you rather live: Norway or Haiti?"
Walsh replied,
"I couldn't say.  I've never been to either one."

When Lowry pressed the point, she snapped "It's none of your business!"

Folks, this is the clearest demonstration of the dishonesty of the Left, and why you can't have an honest, productive debate with a Leftist:  When you ask 'em a question that TOTALLY destroys their argument, they simply refuse to answer honestly--or at all.  It's the debate equivalent of the Leftist putting his/her fingers in her ears and shouting "Lalalalalala-- I can't hear you!!"

Remember this little demonstration next time a Leftist says up is down, freedom is slavery, black is white, the U.S. is evil, Donald Trump is Satan or that all countries and all religions are totally equal..

"I couldn't say."  Amazing.  And revealing.


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